You’re a “Perth Pool Builder” but cannot be found on Google?

Can not be found on Google

There are tons of great Pool Builders in Perth!

The problem is that you could be missing out on many opportunities for not being a part of the Google search results.

As you probably know, a huge chunk of customers today first search on google and social media before they decide on which pool builder to select. 

In fact, as early as 2015, Narellan Pools, now one of the biggest pool builders in Australia, has incorporated SEO campaigns into its strategy. What was once a small business is now dominating Australia’s pool building industry. 

When Narellan pools first conducted its SEO campaign in 2015, it led to a 23% increase in sales.  This resulting SEO campaign generated a 54:1 ratio of revenue to expenditure.

Your business should be no different, whatever business you’re in – whether you’re running a small or large firm, having a solid SEO strategy is essential to ensure your pool building business’ success.

Still stuck on newspaper classified ads?
Try ranking on Google instead!

Homeowners in Perth are no different. When it comes to searching for home fixtures and improvements, the go-to is Google. 

When homeowners look for pool builders, they first start by looking for designs either on Google or on Pinterest. If you have a solid SEO strategy, you can already catch customers at this stage. 

My question for you is this – is your business on the first page of Google search results when a homeowner searches for the keyword “Perth Pool Builder”? or are you on the 7th page or so?

If you’re already on the second page of Google search results, you’re already missing out on a lot of clients, let alone if you’re on the last pages.

You probably think that you’re okay because you get a lot of direct referrals, and you have a lot of connections.  

Well, that may sustain you but not in the long run! 

Remember that in business, you need to tap as many customers as possible to get the word out – and that’s exactly what you get with SEO.

SEO for Pool Builders in Perth

To give you a better understanding of where you stand, we break down the top-ranking websites with each of their challenges and opportunities. 

Here are the SERP results for page 1 for Keyword “Pool Builders Perth”

Top 7 Perth Pool Builders
in the eyes of Google

  1. Dolphin Swimming Pools


  • Stable traffic which suggests it’s seen as an authority for its ranking pages
  • Has a low DR of 14 but is still ranking No.1 for this keyword tells me that another part of the website is doing really well.


  • Low DR (Domain Rating) Missing out on A LOT more traffic.
  • Lost over 100 referring domains over time. (I checked on separate software.)


  • Rebuilding the backlink profile and ranking for many more than 266 keywords


  • By building the Domain rating I believe Dolphin Swimming Pools can dominate the first page of google without much effort relative to its competitors. 

  1. Oasis Pools


  • Ranking for 738 keywords is quite high.
  • The DR here is slightly low, suggesting a strength somewhere else on the site.


  • Kind of low DR (Domain Rating) Missing out on A LOT more traffic.
  • Ranking for a lot of keywords but the traffic is very low in comparison. This means a lot of the keywords on pages 2 to pages 10 on the google search results. 


  • Focusing heavily on being an authority in this space to bring up the DR as quickly as possible.


  • Focusing on the already ranking keywords that are on page 2 and page 3 and just push them up into the first page should be the quickest way to get 5x more.
  • The Upward trend of traffic over a two year period shows Google understands what they are doing and rewarding them.

  1. Westralia Pools


  • Ranking for a low amount of keywords but the traffic is much higher.
  • Like above, the DR here is very low, suggesting a strength somewhere else on the site.
  • Traffic is plateauing over the last year. Google is not seeing them trying to deliver any more value to users so not giving Westralia Pools more opportunities.  


  • Low DR (Domain Rating) Missing out on A LOT more traffic.
  • No clickable contact button on the homepage. Missing out on very good and simple opportunities. 
  • The website SSL is out of date and needs to be updated asap. 


  • This website is not as powerful as it’s competition so can be easily outranked if they decide to pursue SEO. 


  • Focusing on more ‘high-intent’ keywords first as they have a lot of ‘informational’ keywords

  1. Spasawa


  • Good DR score. Good traffic. Good amount of backlinks.
  • Their keyword intent mixture is quite good and balanced.


  • Not ranking in the Top 3 results for these important keywords is showing me there is something not good somewhere else on the website. This is the opposite of the Top 3 ranking websites. 
  • The website SSL is out of date and needs to be updated asap. 


  • Fixing all the backend technical problems as this is causing a strong website not to be number 1 for many keywords it could easily rank for. 


  • Over 1.7k keywords indexed by good means that we could rapidly increase traffic, and therefore inquiries, just by focusing on keywords on page 2 and page 3 of google. 
  • Because this is an association, a greater emphasis would be a a slightly different set of keywords that would be less competitive due to not directly competing with the Pool Building companies.

  1. Pools By Design


  • Decent DR score. 
  • Consistency of traffic overtime.


  • Should be ranking much higher. There are more keywords indexed than traffic per month. 
  • Traffic is trending downwards. Google is seeing them less as an authority in the space compared to competitors. 
  • Just like Westralia Pools above, there is no clickable contact button on the homepage. Missing out on very good and simple opportunities.
  • Needs to quickly update it’s Google My Business list where it receives reviews and implement a positive review gathering process.


  • Reversing the downward trend and showing Google that Pool By Design is actually an authority in the space. 
  • If nothing is done, this website is going to be very quickly made irrelevant by its competitors. 


  • Very strong and beautiful portfolio that can be leveraged in a much better way than it currently is. 

  1. North Shore Pools


  • This year Google has ranked this website much higher than it previously had. 
  • Upward trend on all the most important metrics.
  • Good DR score that can be leveraged. 


  • Not ranking for many ‘high-intent’ keywords in comparison to its ‘informational’ keywords.
  • The website is not properly optimized for conversions. This is sometimes common when you design a visually beautiful website and remove some of the best practices for optimizing conversions.  


  • Not many challenges here unless one or more of their competitors invest into the SEO marketing channel, then they will be easily outranked due to low keywords already indexed. 


  • Can ride the upwards trend with a properly executed SEO campaign and keep doubling and tripling it’s traffic. 
  • Very nice website that correctly uses its portfolio website. 

  1. Barrier Reef Pools Perth


  • High DR score. Very high traffic. Strong backlink profile. 
  • Upwards trending with no big fluctuations. 
  • One of the best homepages out of all pool builders in Perth for both visuals and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).


  • This website should not be number 7 on the first page of google. It should be much higher. 
  • Website has been outranked by much weaker competition, suggesting to me a problem somewhere else. May be technical or under-optimized content or just simply weak content.


  • Deep dive into the technical and analysis of the 534 pages that are indexed by Google to find out why it’s not performing better. 


  • If technical problems and other aspects can be easily fixed then this website has the potential to be the easiest and fastest to dominate the google search results. 

To summarize, SEO for pool builders in Perth is actually quite easy. 

Whoever invests in SEO and follows the best industry practices can and will surely dominate the first Google Search Results page. When done correctly, you can expect to attract more leads and generate a higher revenue. 

Marketing Trends for Pool builders

Trend 1: Reviews on Google My Business still matter a lot.

This is not even a trend! But I put it here because it’s just so important and yet so overlooked. 

For Pool Builders, there’s a process that we implement that can automate most of the boring work. Still a little manual work but it’s very quick to complete.

Trend 2: The “highest intent/ most likely to buy” keywords are becoming increasingly difficult to rank for

  • SEO was easier 4 years ago than 2 years ago. 
  • SEO was easier 2 years ago than now.
  • SEO is easier now than it will be in two years from now.

You get the point.

Trend 3: Businesses that have optimized for Conversion Rates are seeing huge increases in inquiries. 

Non-tech businesses are generally slow to implement the latest website tricks

Because of the lack of focus on this area, they are generally built to look pretty but not to gain conversions. 

Check out our Client Case Study on how we did exactly this to get them pretty decent results. 

Trend 4:  Backlinks from the local businesses are super necessary and not just a nice-to-have. 

In the past, getting backlinks from anywhere in the world was acceptable but now, it’s just not anymore. Google is smart enough to know that some business from India or Spain is not a customer for Pool Builders in Perth. 

Local backlink acquisition has to be….well local..

Trend 5: Portfolio’s. Portfolio’s. Portfolio’s.

Pool builders that showcase all their work with an online portfolio are 4x more likely to receive inquiries from commercial projects as opposed to just residential ones. 

We’ve A/B tested this with Google Ads for our clients with and without portfolios for Landing Pages and there was a clear difference between the two.

Our assumption that we’d get more leads with the portfolio pages was correct; however, we didn’t expect such a jump in leads for commercial pool building projects.

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SEO can both be overwhelming and frustrating if you don’t know where and how to start.

Lucky for you, Tech-One specializes in offering the most effective SEO strategy for Pool Builders in Perth. 

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