SEO Service Vietnam: All you need to Know to be successful

seo service vietnam all you need to know to be successful

Every business needs a solid SEO strategy to be successful. If you’re not getting high conversions from your website, then there’s a high chance that you have a weak SEO strategy. When you have a strong SEO strategy, everything else will follow. So, if you are trying to step up your SEO game, then it’s the perfect time to look for SEO Service Vietnam.

Why do you need SEO Services to improve selling in Vietnam?

With the Vietnamese digital market rapidly expanding, SEO services have become a crucial factor in successful selling.


Around 64% of Vietnam’s population are active internet users, offering a large pool of potential customers.


However, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine

Appearing in the top 10 results in Vietnam is unquestionable, making SEO necessary for Boosting Your Online Visibility and Attracting Organic Traffic. If your website doesn’t show up among the top three on Google, it means you have an SEO problem and need an SEO Service.

Gain more with SEO Service

SEO services offer a multi-faceted approach to enhance your digital presence. In 2022, businesses that prioritized SEO witnessed a staggering 14.6% conversion rate, compared to traditional outbound methods with a mere 1.7% conversion rate. Moreover, a well-executed SEO strategy can Generate Incredible ROI – almost 275% higher than paid search ads.

Get your free revenue growth strategy session with Tech-One

    Investing in SEO Service Vietnam not only enhances your online visibility but also provides a sustainable way to attract organic traffic. Rather than an over-reliance on paid ads, a solid SEO strategy enables long-term customer acquisition and high conversion rates, proving it as a cost-effective solution for your business growth.

    Types of SEO service Vietnam

    There are three types of SEO service Vietnam. These are the following:

    • Technical SEO
    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO
    types of seo
    Types of SEO

    SEO Service Vietnam: Technical SEO

    First off, we have technical SEO! What’s this Technical SEO? Aren’t all SEO technical?

    Well, a technical SEO helps make sure that your website checks all the requirements and standards set forth by various search engines to improve organic ranking.

    Technical SEO ensures that your website can be indexed and crawled by search engines without any issues.

    how can a marketing agency vietnam help you with technical seo
    Technical Seo

    The elements of technical SEO include crawling, rendering, indexing, and the overall architecture of the website.

    Why do you need Technical SEO?

    Without a technical SEO, all your content will be pointless.

    Yes, you may have the greatest content in the world but if it’s not ranking, then there’s no one who can see that piece of content. For starters, it’s essential that search engines, especially Google, can find, render, index, and crawl the pages on your website.

    But that’s not all there is that needs to be done. You still have to work on all other factors to ensure that your website is fully optimized. You can do this by making sure that your page is fast-loading, that you don’t have duplicate content, that your website is mobile-optimized, and many other things.

    When your technical SEO is on-point, you can help Google and other search engines to find your content easier. This, in turn, gives you a better chance to rank.

    Why do you need Technical SEO?

    Improving your Technical SEO

    Let me clarify once and for all that technical SEO is not just about indexing and crawling. There are hundreds of things that you need to consider like your site structure, duplicate content, page speed, indexing issues, canonical tags, 404 pages, and many more.

    This essentially means that you have a lot of work to do just to have a strong technical SEO – and remember, that’s just one aspect of SEO. You still have the on-page and off-page SEO.

    Improving your Technical SEO
    Improving your Technical SEO

    How can a marketing agency Vietnam help you with Technical SEO?

    From everything listed above, you should already have an idea on how complex a technical SEO strategy is.

    Because of the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, you always have to be in the know regarding the latest technical on-page SEO algorithm and tactics to help ensure that your website will drive quality leads – and that is exactly the kind of service that you can get from a marketing agency Vietnam.

    Specifically speaking, these are the top technical SEO service Vietnam:

    • Technical SEO Audit
    • Meta Data Analysis
    • Optimization of Site Structure
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Speed Optimization
    • Analytics and Reporting
    How can a marketing agency Vietnam help you with Technical SEO?
    How can a marketing agency Vietnam help you with Technical SEO?

    SEO Service Vietnam: On-page SEO

    Next, we have on-page SEO services. On-page SEO works to optimize your website as well, so your website can be easily found on Google. The main difference between an on-page SEO and technical SEO is that on-page SEO covers the content and keywords, while technical SEO manages all the functional aspects, including site structure.

    On-page SEO helps search engines recognize your website for the keywords that you want and need to rank for. It’s the stage where you’ll have to identify the right keywords that your potential customers are using to find similar businesses as yours. This is done by making an audit of your existing website structure to identify key areas of improvement.

    The elements of on-page SEO include header tags, on-page content, metadata, internal links, and image optimization among others.

    SEO Service Vietnam: On-page SEO
    SEO Service Vietnam: On-page SEO

    Why do you need On-page SEO?

    Why do you need On-page SEO?
    Why do you need On-page SEO?

    On-page SEO makes sure that your communication towards your customers actually reaches them. Because of on-page SEO, you’ll be able to select the right keywords that you should use, which are the words that customers search for in order to find you. When done correctly, this will provide you with less competition on search engines and thereby result in a higher website ranking.

    On-page SEO is important because, without it, your website will not rank for search queries that are specific to your business. This will in turn lead your website to be pushed down further below the search results by your competitors.

    On the other hand, when you have a strong on-page SEO campaign, you’ll have a higher chance of ranking first on Google based on your keywords.

    Improving your On-page SEO

    To step up your on-page SEO game, there are several factors that you need to consider.

    These include identifying user intent, ensuring that you have a mobile-friendly website, securing your website, and improving website UX.

    By taking these factors into consideration, you’ll be able to identify the main issues of your on-page SEO.

    For one, are you using the right words that match the intent of your potential buyers? Does your website look spammy?

    Improving your On-page SEO
    Improving your On-page SEO

    How can a marketing agency Vietnam help you with On-page SEO?

    Optimizing your website as well as finding the right keywords to rank for are very crucial to your business’s online presence.

    Even a single mistake can single-handedly cause your business to lose tons of potential customers.

    The good news is that when you work with the top marketing agency Vietnam for on-page SEO services, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re only working with a team of experts.

    With this kind of support, you’ll be able to fully optimize your website, thereby ensuring that it can be read easily by Google and other search engines, which of course, leads to more conversions.

    Specifically speaking, these are the top on-page SEO service Vietnam:

    • In-depth SEO Audit
    Technical Seo Audit
    Technical Seo Audit
    • Advanced Keyword Research
    Keyword difficulty
    Keyword difficulty
    • SEO Copywriting and Optimization
    SEO Copywriting and Optimization
    SEO Copywriting and Optimization
    • Embedding SEO keywords with proper coding
    Embedding SEO keywords with proper coding
    • Site Health Check
    Embedding SEO keywords with proper coding
    • Analytics and Reporting
    Analytics and Reporting

    SEO Service Vietnam: Off-Page SEO

    Off-page SEO involves all SEO techniques that happen outside of your website – it’s exactly in contrast to the on-page SEO.

    But don’t be deceived, off-page SEO is not just about link building. Off-page SEO is way more than that if you want to fully optimize your website.

    Another simple explanation for it is that off-page SEO covers all strategies that don’t involve publishing or changing anything on your website.

    Off-page SEO includes techniques such as link building, social media marketing, guest postings, brand monitoring, and influencer marketing which all partake in providing a comprehensive SEO strategy.

    seo service vietnam off page seo
    Off-page SEO

    Why do you need an Off-page SEO?

    Off-page SEO focuses on boosting your site authority. Generally, websites that have higher authority rank higher than those with lower authority.

    So, without off-page SEO, it would be difficult to outrank websites that are already ranking.

    In addition, off-page SEO is highly valuable because it sends a signal to search engines that your website is important to other internet users.

    Each link that you get works as an endorsement from other sources signifying that your website is of good quality.

    Lastly, these external link sources are advantageous to your website, especially when you have the same quality of on-page SEO as a competitor website, as search engines will prefer your website over the other.

    why do you need an off page seo

    Improving your Off-page SEO

    To have a better understanding of the main difference between on-page and off-page SEO – off-page SEO involves external optimization techniques that include backlink building and other off-domain actions, while on-page SEO happens on-site, which includes page and content optimization.

    Off-page SEO is just like making your brand known and relevant by working with other websites of higher authority.

    And while link building is the most important aspect of an off-page SEO, there are many other off-page SEO techniques and tactics that you should be using, which we have detailed below.

    improving your off page seo

    How can a marketing agency Vietnam help you with Off-page SEO?

    Off-page SEO is just as important as on-page SEO and technical SEO, which is why it’s important to integrate all your strategies in an organized manner, so it will go hand in hand.

    This is something that you can achieve by getting the best marketing agency in Vietnam.

    With the help of an SEO agency, you can implement a solid off-page SEO strategy with the right mindset, so you can achieve the results that will make a real difference on your brand’s online presence.

    Specifically speaking, these are the top off-page SEO service Vietnam:

    • Link Building
    • Brand Building
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media and Influencer Marketing
    • Guest Posting
    • Content Syndication
    how can a marketing agency vietnam help you with off page seo

    SEO Service Vietnam: Progress Monitoring

    Tracking Progress with Google Analytics

    Once you’ve executed all your SEO strategies, you’ll have to monitor them closely through Google Analytics.

    With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to track the effectiveness of your campaigns depending on your goals.

    This will instantly give you an idea of whether or not your campaign is working well or if you’ll need to tweak it accordingly.

    Once you’ve set your KPI or Key Performance Indicator, you’ll have a good way to track your success.

    KPIs will vary depending on your main goals, but some good KPIs for online business include:

    • Conversion rate
    • Bounce rate
    • Unique visitors
    • Total visitors
    • Page views
    • Visit duration
    SEO Service Vietnam: Progress Monitoring

    Reporting via Google Data Studio

    For simplified visualization of your progress, it would be better to utilize Google Data Studio for reporting.

    It’s important to note, however, that Google Data Studio is not a data source.

    Instead, it collates data from various sources and analyzes it, thereby allowing you to generate interactive reports, charts, and dashboards.

    The best part? It’s free!

    Reporting via Google Data Studio

    Get your free revenue growth session with Tech-One

    Get your free revenue growth strategy session with Tech-One

      In the burgeoning Vietnamese digital market, understanding and applying an effective SEO strategy can be a game-changer for your business. Take a look at how Tech-One elevates your revenue growth with our 6 effective steps SEO processes.

      1. Tech-One kickstarts the process by understanding all critical aspects of your business – website, products, customer demographics, and business goals. This detailed understanding is the backbone of an effective SEO strategy.
      2. Essential keyword research forms the second step. Tech-One uses this information to lay the foundation of a successful, long-term SEO strategy.
      3. The third step involves website optimization per Google standards. This enhances your website’s ranking, attracts targeted customers, and consequently boosts revenue while reducing costs.
      4. Next, Tech-One crafts standard SEO content based on the researched keywords. This direct engagement method effectively converts potential customers.
      5. Publishing SEO-standard articles enables Google to comprehend your content easily, hastening the evaluation and ranking process.
      6. Finally, Tech-One’s reputable keyword SEO service continually monitors and reports on keyword rankings and website health, ensuring optimum performance.

      By implementing this comprehensive SEO strategy, Tech-One helps businesses navigate the dynamic Vietnamese digital marketplace, driving substantial revenue growth and guaranteeing a high return on investment.

      Why opt for SEO Service Vietnam?

      SEO service is one of the best and most practical options across the Globe. The workforce is highly knowledgeable on SEO concepts and all the technicalities that go along with it without causing you a fortune. It’s simply way more affordable as compared to those in the US, UK, and Australia.

      At Tech-One, we prioritize gaining organic traffic first and monitoring our progress through conversions. This ensures that you don’t have to spend tons of money outright. Or, if you want to accelerate your business growth with innovative and result-driven marketing tactics, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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        Get more web traffic now!

        Hi, I'm Colin! I'm passionate about helping your business grow. So are you ready for your success?


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