How to choose SEO services company

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Finding the SEO agency or how to choose SEO services company to provide your organization with the right SEO services may be critical. 

With your time devoted to managing the business and an ever-increasing number of SEO providers, it can be hard to discover a solid all-around fit that can not only seem best on paper but also walk the walk.

We’ll show you how to pick the SEO agency or how to choose SEO services company for your organization and what services you can anticipate from a good SEO vendor. This article will assist you in conducting adequate research and preparation therefore you may make the best decision possible.

What exactly does an SEO firm do?

An SEO firm employs professionals and specialists in many aspects of search engine optimization. Working with them should provide you with the proper combination of ideas and execution to help your company rank higher in search engines, generate leads, and increase income.  Develop a content strategy for your blog, SEO website audit, on-page SEO, link building services, link clean-up, content development, web design, and more are among them. The tactics adopted and the quality of implementation will define your company’s potential online development.

Finding the SEO agency or how to choose SEO services company is effortless

Business owners face many obstacles while searching for an SEO firm. Research and decision-making become more difficult due to the increased quantity of SEO businesses. 

The main issue is to know how to separate the experienced firms from the ones that are new or just getting started. These are some excellent SEO pointers you may utilize to aid your organization to prosper.

Determine your objective and know why you must outsource your SEO; to find ways to integrate SEO in your online marketing efforts. Before entering into a partnership, you must identify why you require the service. To find out what you need, you must examine the short-term and long-term impact of the action.

Check all the possible SEO businesses and compare their products or services

In order to choose SEO services company you must understand the current marketplace situation before getting into any collaboration. Learn about the market, and services your firm may offer, through market research. Additionally, you’ll get to examine what’s available and judge a professional agency from an amateur one.

Verify the firm’s prior successes

In order to choose SEO services company you must understand the agency’s past is a tribute to who they are. It helps you see where they come from, what their service quality is, what they can provide, and it also displays their dependability with their clients.

To discover more about a company’s historical performance, visit their website, read case studies, or ask them for case studies. Since you are devoting time and effort to this firm, having a look at their body of work is vital.

Work and associate with them since you have witnessed their capabilities first-hand. It will provide you peace of mind as the firm handling your online business performance will provide you with the possible outcomes.

Check reviews and references

In order to choose seo services company you must understand when you’ve confirmed that they offer the services you seek, then you should examine customer reviews. They are found on the website or in web listings. For extra information about an agency, investigate past clients’ testimonials. 

To understand what to expect, you need to know what your clients’ industry is and what the agency was able to achieve for them. Read reviews and other resources since SEO performs distinct tasks in different businesses. For example, dentist SEO tactics are not distant but surely not the same as SEO for accountants.

Make sure their competency level is qualified

An effective way to work with an SEO firm is to make sure the company you’re working with is up-to-date with the trends and they’re a trustworthy organization. When you have control over your craft, then great collaborations happen. In this approach, they might come up with a larger and better idea than the one you initially conceived.

If you will want to check through the SEO proposal, as long as you are interested in working with the SEO firm. When they first begin, they will draft a whole SEO marketing proposal. This will guarantee that you grasp the project’s scope and you have a clear concept of the procedure. You can alter any portion of it, as you see appropriate.

SEO is an efficient approach to enhance your business’s potential and ROI; yet, choosing the proper SEO provider will be a lengthy process. But it will all be worth it in the end.

Remember that you worked hard to build your company, and it wasn’t simple, so take the time to conduct the appropriate research, and you’ll ultimately find the ideal SEO plan to take your business to new heights with Tech-One.


What Vietnam’s Best SEO Company Services have to Offer

Sometimes, SEO practices are complicated to understand. Many companies are uncertain how to conduct SEO on their own or just don’t have the time to approach and figure it out. Without the right and wide portfolio of resources, businesses may also find it challenging to retain their rankings.

Using the best SEO company services from Tech-One is critical if you want to grow your business.

best seo company services

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Why does your business need the best SEO Company Services?

For this section, we’ll go through our top SEO service for your company and how it can help you get better conversion rates, more traffic, and more leads and sales from your website.

There are 4 major reasons why you need the best SEO Company Services:

Reason 1: Keyword research and optimization

The best SEO company services will know how to conduct research to determine which keywords are most appropriate for you to target. This means they’ll conduct in-depth keyword research to identify which words and phrases are most related to your business, and then figure out how to implement those keywords into your website’s content.

A site’s content is more likely to score well if it contains relevant keywords. The selected keywords need your approval, how the best SEO company services implement it will be listed out down below:

‐ On your homepage and other pages, inside the copywriting.
‐ In your page titles.
‐ Any new pages that are created will have their own URLs (addresses).
‐ the meta descriptions, which demonstrate the overall content for each search result page.
‐ In any additional material, such as blog postings, that may be created.

Reason 2: Mobile-friendly design and content creation

When it comes to content, it is not just simply using the right or suitable keywords/phrases, creating high-quality content so people may feel interested in, click, read and share is important.

Google considers regularly updated content to be essential for search engine optimization. Google just wants to make sure your site is not simply a spambot looking for hits, but that there is a real person behind it. Adding fresh and original content is a great method to prove this while also providing value to your visitors.

It’s also critical that the material be unique. Plagiarism or content-stealing from other websites can rapidly derail your SEO efforts. As a result of your dishonesty, Google will penalize your website.

In terms of website design, creating a website that works well on a variety of platforms, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. A website that we consider to be responsive is how it loads rapidly with a minimum of scrolling or resizing. The viewers will have the same experience regardless of the device they are using. You must have a responsive website that provides a positive experience for all of your visitors.

Reason 3: The transparency of analytics and reports

This analysis takes the shape of customized statistics and reports that show you how you’re ranking, what changes you’ve made, and how many additional businesses you’ve attracted via SEO. The way of Google Analytics that we offer helps you understand more apparently about your SEO progress.

Reason 4: The improvements of user experience

User experience is becoming more and more essential in SEO. Intuitive things appeal to people, they will be happier with their experience and more likely to purchase your goods if you provide them with a fun, easy-to-use website.

We can improve your user experience by:

‐ Increasing the amount of relevant, well-targeted information
‐ Redesigning your website to make it easier to navigate and use
‐ A/B testing components like calls to action to see what your target audience mostly reacts to.

Therefore, if you don’t have the best SEO company services, your site is vulnerable. Hiring a reliable and professional SEO service provider is offering an effective solution for your business.


Tech-One – Top SEO and Content Marketing Company located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our clients immediately see a significant boost in leads, search engine rankings, and website traffic. If you would like to learn more about us, please visit our website and get in touch with Tech-One.


SEO Digital Marketing Agency: 5 Reasons To Work With Marketing Specialists

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Without appearing prejudiced, an SEO digital marketing agency may have a significant effect on any company – especially when it comes to ROI.

Effective digital marketing strategies are becoming more important since the majority of companies across the globe depend on digital and internet resources. You can guarantee that your campaigns operate well and that your income grows by employing a team of industry experts.

We at Tech-One will be more than happy in assisting company owners in growing their businesses by using our vast expertise and experience. Continue reading to learn about our top 5 reasons for working with a digital marketing firm.

SEO Digital Marketing Agency

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Save Costs by working with an SEO Digital Marketing Agency

Tech-One believes in the adage that “time is money in business.” Hiring a digital marketing firm may help you save money by allowing you to save time.

The specialists at the agency are likely to already have the expertise required to assist you in growing your company. As a result, you won’t have to spend valuable time and money on training someone. 

Furthermore, the agency will already have the necessary programs and instruments. Because these products’ subscriptions are sometimes very costly, there’s no need to be concerned about these ongoing expenses because the agency will have already taken care of them.

Seek out Industry Experts for Assistance

At an SEO digital marketing agency, you’ll be aided by industry professionals in expanding your company’s reach and, eventually, increasing revenues. 

Their knowledge will most likely contain something you don’t have in-house. It may be tough to stay up with the finest SEO techniques in the ever-changing world of Google. 

Tech-One, on the other hand, can guarantee that any new algorithm adjustments will be followed. If an update has a negative impact on your company, the team will know how to respond quickly and effectively. This will keep your Google rankings from plummeting.

Center your attention Solely on Running your Business

You can be certain that your company will be in excellent hands if you choose a digital marketing firm. Hiring new employees or running campaigns on your own may take a lot of time. Instead of investing your time in developing these efforts, you might utilize them to build your company from the inside. 

Work with a Digital Marketing Agency to get New Ideas

Creative brains abound in digital marketing firms. They are often excellent at generating suggestions that can assist you with increasing revenue. When you hire an agency, they can look at your company from the outside in and tell you what is working – and what isn’t. 

They may offer you suggestions based on this evaluation of which methods would yield the greatest outcomes. Most of the time, this will be based on their past campaign experience in order to give you solid proof to back up their claims.

SEO Digital Marketing Agency

Expand your Company

Your business’s development and ever-changing requirements may be met by an agency. You may trust their techniques since they are based on their professional knowledge and experience of helping other customers to develop their companies. 

Whether your company’s growth necessitates extending your agency’s hours or focusing on additional store openings, Tech-One, an SEO digital marketing agency, will be there to assist you every step of the way.


The Benefits of SEO in Asia for Small and Medium sized businesses

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Your incredible product or service might be marvelous, but it will remain unknown if you don’t gain awareness about and recognition. While simple site hygiene steps include clearing your cache and re-uploading images that can still be effective in helping your site’s SEO, getting professional advice could be a brilliant idea if your company is rapidly expanding. 

While it is always beneficial to keep up on SEO growth surveys, it is also good to analyze such reports and assess whether the search marketing team or SEO business is doing a good job. Also, there are benefits to SEO that can help you to make a decision whether hiring a SEO in Asia or not.

This week’s article will assist you if you’re considering enhancing the search engine optimization on your website but aren’t sure whether to do it yourself or hire an SEO agency.

The guide to SEO in Asia

For industries all over the world, Asia is the new frontier. It is attributed to the region’s rapidly changing climate, vast and diverse population, a good source of discoveries, high levels of comfort, relatively accessible and sustainable prices, and advanced infrastructure, according to a recent global perception-based survey rating counties based on scores from over 6,000 companies.

The area is very cost-effective, bureaucratic, and capital-friendly, with low production costs. It also has a link to the rest of the planet. As a result of the region’s technical advancements, it attracts an increasing number of startups willing to invest in marketing initiatives, especially in search engine optimization strategies (SEO).

The most effective SEO in Asia techniques

Both facets of a website are included in SEO in Asia. Technical features and innovative architecture of websites affect traffic, engagement, and conversation rates globally. Search engine rating is influenced by web content, architecture, and coding.

SEO in Asia is mainly multilingual; users can use Asian websites in a variety of languages, countries, and regions. If you want to start a company in Hong Kong, your platform needs to be available in three languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English; because it will affect your SEO strategy and organic scope.

A company that operates on a global scale needs a multilingual SEO strategy that includes:

  • Offering content in many languages allows you to interact effectively with the right people.
  • Conduct keyword analysis on a country-by-country basis, both in English and in local languages. To rank highly on any search engine, an e-commerce platform in Asia must carefully select SEO keywords. SEO in Asia requires special techniques in terms of finding local keywords.
  • Setting up geo-localization, which entails the correct domain name and URLs solution. Using different URLs for different language variants to help users locate the website, and enable the user to turn the page language is some of the best practices for improving SEO and UX strategy.
  • Localization of Title Tags and Messages, as Google and other search engines, can use local information such as currency or phone number to determine which markets to target.
  • Having a marketing strategy that incorporates local websites, both to increase brand awareness locally and obtain connections from high-quality localized websites, will boost page rankings in search results.
SEO in Asia

Reasons why SEO is necessary

SEO in Asia refers to the process of increasing your website’s online exposure on search engines, especially Google. There are other blogs, such as Bing or Yahoo, but none compares to Google’s dominance and success. And here are the reasons why your website needs SEO.

Google’s top priority

Most internet browsers will go to Google while looking for a product or service, and if your website is on page one or spot one, it stands to reason that you will receive inquiries. 

It is crucial for longevity in 2021, where any buyer or transaction is critical. Priority placement on Google is the most effective way to produce these types of high-quality leads. Just SEO in Asia will get you to these highly sought-after online rankings.

A high ranking fosters confidence

SEO fosters faith in your brand, website, and business. The general public has become accustomed to visiting the website. They understand that Google puts a high level of confidence in these websites because it has removed the untrustworthy pages. Being on page one gives the company so much respect that most consumers are more likely to buy from you because of this confidence factor.

Best Return on Investment

Many companies have lost sales over the last year since the pandemic has decimated many markets. Those looking to rebound and begin marketing SEO in Asia reflect the best ROI or return on your marketing dollar. Traditional ways of marketing are now prohibitively costly and lack the cut-through rate that Google does. 

Furthermore, you will be multinational rather than national or local, which is fantastic news for any company looking to grow its brand internationally. Unless the corporation has a big advertisement budget, no other media channel can achieve this.

Leads that are eligible

Finally, customers obtained through SEO are more qualified and targeted. When anyone searches the internet, they search for a good, a service, or some facts. So they’re poised to make the crucial call or buy. 

A higher ranking website on Google; higher potential customers visit the page daily. It is the ultimate for all companies in 2021, in this post-pandemic period.

If you want to increase your customer and broaden your market, you should think about SEO. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to start an SEO campaign, you must be in it for the long haul. 

It is not a tactic that can be activated and deactivated. SEO in Asia or the rest of the world is a never-ending process, and you should consider it a vital component of your overall marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond.

As the entry barriers to this industry are limited, make sure you partner with an established and reputable SEO firm. Using the wrong SEO in Asia or SEO agency in Vietnam could cause a slew of issues for your website, but using the right SEO agency would deliver excellent results. 

Send a note to TECH-ONE if you’re on the lookout for the ideal all-in-one digital marketing company in Vietnam. We are happy to work with you to identify new opportunities for your sales team and increase the conversion of leads to consumers.

SEO in Asia

The power of search engine optimization (SEO) for small businesses

Of companies with less than ten employees directly, SEO can be an effective weapon. It is just a small sampling of recent data highlighting the advantages of SEO for small businesses:

  • A large percentage of the Google searches is information relevant to the locality. If you are a small company looking to get in front of consumers in your local area, SEO is vital because it makes sure that you appear first to customers.
  • 97% of internet users learn about local small businesses on the internet, not by print or other mediums. As a result, people will be looking for your company (or goods or services you sell) on your website, and this is where they will first turn to. 
  • “Near me” style searches have increased by more than 900% over the past two years. Furthermore, there is another significant factor to refine the local search activities. More and more people are searching for smaller businesses in the region.
  • 75% of Google search users never navigate past the first few pages of search results. Accomplishing the goal of being on the first page is vital, but it also requires strategy.

If you’re in the manufacturing industry or starting a small company, shoppers are constantly searching for the kinds of products you represent online every day. Search engines are a great way to meet consumers who might be interested in your products.

SEO tips for a small company 

What is the first move you can take now that you understand what SEO can do for your small business? While SEO in Asia may seem to be a daunting task, small businesses should consider the following guidelines and principles.

Create your website using SEO best practices

Small companies fail with SEO because their website might not design with search in mind. It is critical to customize your website with a strong website layout such that search engines can better crawl and index your web pages. 

If you do have a website, take your time to look at it with new eyes and make sure it has a coherent framework. Start with your homepage and see how you can quickly and conveniently access — and navigate to — all of your important sites.

Make a point of removing any damaged (Error 404) pages that no longer work. Such connections are undesirable since they squander “connection equity.” 

It is also vital to ensure that the website is mobile-friendly. A mobile-responsive website not only improves the user interface but also helps the SEO score.

Determine the importance of keywords

The second most critical factor in developing a successful SEO in Asia content plan is keyword analysis. You want to ensure that the website ranks with the search terms that people use.

The higher your small business website ranks for specific keywords and phrases, the more likely you will be found by relevant consumers looking on search engines for your goods, services, or relevant topics.

Improve the metadata on your websites

The next step of SEO in Asia is to ensure that all of your primary landing pages are tailored for the keywords you learned. In other terms, for each page, you must customize the names, meta descriptions, and body information. Per page on your website should have its meta overview and title

It is also vital that the metadata definition should not surpass the length at which Google starts truncating them in search results and entices users to click-through to your site.

Make a calendar to help you post new material regularly

Another critical leg that keeps your SEO in Asia standing is content. You can ascend the ranks of SEO and content marketing, but it must be consistent. You can’t just write a blog post now and then and aim for the best. 

You must demonstrate to Google that you are an expert in a specific field by posting consistent content around a set of similar keywords and topics. Before embarking on an SEO in Asia campaign, it is critical to creating a content schedule for at least six months.

Increase the authority of the website by providing a variety of backlinks

Backlinks are another significant SEO aspect. Backlinks are other sites that connect back to your website. Backlinks might leverage the website by connecting a previous blog post or exchanging links to particular goods or services.

However, the true meaning of backlinks comes from outside sources. Local directories maybe a perfect source of backlinks to your website if they are both trustworthy. Another way to connect back to the website is by events.

Make use of the Google Business website

Google should focus on every small business, particularly if you want to exploit the power of search. Setting up your Google My Business page is surprisingly easy, and it can have a significant effect. As a small business, you can take advantage of every aspect of Google My Business sites, including photos, videos, Q&A, ratings, and articles you write.

SEO in Asia

How do you choose an SEO agency?

Knowing how to pick an SEO business will mean the difference between organic traffic, a higher rating, and more conversions and a drop in organic search ranking.

We’ve also seen clients coming to us after a former SEO firm used black hat tactics that caused their website to vanish from Google search results.

A successful search engine optimization strategy is a must-have marketing tool for every business. Unfortunately, the search engine industry is difficult to penetrate because any company needs to be at the top of their keywords. 

An SEO organization must engage in an aggressive online marketing strategy with a company that will deliver results.

Choosing the best SEO in Asia company can be a difficult challenge, particularly with new SEO companies. Here are some things to look for and think about when selecting an SEO business.

Examine a portfolio of SEO in Asia agency

Examine their portfolio, beginning with their website. Is this company effectively optimizing their website for search engines? Can they appear in searches for their keywords? Examine any of the other businesses they’ve endorsed to look at their Google rankings.

Select an ethical company

Before investigating SEO firms, any company owner should become acquainted with the fundamentals of SEO in Asia and international. When deciding between legal and shady SEO activities, it is critical to understand how it operates, what it is, and how outcomes are obtained.

Until signing a deal with an SEO corporation, make sure they follow search engine guidelines. Black Hat SEO, which refers to unethical optimization methods, will generate a lot of traffic quickly, but it will inevitably get you banned from having any online presence. Is the job done in-house by the department, or is it outsourced to third parties in another country?

Examine SEO company reviews

Examine the testimonials and recommendations for the SEO service company you are considering. In addition to the testimonials on their webpage, you can find additional messages by browsing online. 

You are most likely to encounter them if they have a large number of unfavorable reviews. Examine their BBB profile and social networking sites to see how they communicate online to get a sense of their work culture.

They do far more than just a reports

Before you sign a contract with a firm, inquire into how they disclose performance. Google Analytics is fantastic, but it is still important that they analyze where the site is headed and what is working or not working. The best SEO in Asia companies tailor the marketing strategy based on the previous months data. Check if they aren’t only giving you statistics, but rather reviewing and processing the data to help the business go forward.

A successful SEO firm might show you examples of past campaigns and case analyses of the success they have obtained. When getting to know the department, make sure to check for proof of this. Many SEO companies can pitch for your project and will be eager to show you what they can do.

Check at an SEO firm that has worked with businesses in your industry in the past. There will be SEO companies that are the best for your market, whether in production or design. If your organization operates in a high environment, it could be helpful for your firm to be well-versed in that field. They would have valuable expertise in determining how to collaborate with you.

SEO in Asia

We have staff at Tech-One that are in-house specialists in search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media, graphic design, and website development. Additionally, we have round-the-clock support personnel who are willing to respond to on-demand demands.