SEO Agency Helped a Pool Builder
Profit Over 480k AUD in 3 Months.
Here's How We Did It!

From 27 highly qualified leads,
the owner, Jean,
retained 12 leads as paying clients

Who Got these Amazing Results?

Well, WE did. 

You see, Blue Pools and Spas in Melbourne has been in business for over 5 years. But they couldn’t be found anywhere on Google!

They offer standard swimming pool services to customers, and are popular with locals, but they struggled to attract organic search traffic.

Blue Pools’ Challenges

Their website was ineffective, mainly because of a lack of proper SEO optimization.

Only a few inbound links were present, and the site lacked both on-page SEO and off-page SEO

Until we stepped in, their previous website did not rank for relevant searches and did not appear on search engine results pages.

Blue Pools and Spas struggled to generate consistent revenue from organic search results.

They just couldn’t rank  for highly-searched terms that showcased their products and services appropriately. 

They needed someone to convert organic search traffic into a consistent stream of revenue that could scale their business over time.

When they sought our help, they  faced three main challenges:

Strategy + Experience + Accountability = Results

After consultation with Tech-One (that’s us!),  Blue Pools and Spas signed up for complete SEO services, focusing mainly on local SEO.

Before they hired our SEO team, their website did not rank at all for their most important keywords. 

It was exceptionally poorly rated for a variety of high-intent keywords and service-related terms, which resulted in their business not showing up on Google!

Hence the low revenue.

Tech-One immediately began incorporating on-page and off-page SEO, long and short tail keywords, phrases for pool builders and pool services, as well as compact evergreen content.

We also proposed eight optimisation strategies for Blue Pools and Spas to to achieve its business goals, and avoid crucial SEO mistakes. We helped them:

The Results?

Within three months of providing comprehensive SEO services, the pool servicing company’s website soared to the top of the  search results.

Notably, the company is now ranked first in Google search results for its primary local keyword.

By utilising Tech-One’s SEO services and ranking for the relevant local searches, the firm gained organic traffic and conversions.

Since they hired us for our SEO services, their website has seen an average of 175 monthly visitors.

They now rank for over 100 keywords, including premium phrases like “Pool Liners Victoria”, “Best Swimming Pools in Melbourne”, and “Melbourne Pool Construction”.


The number of impressions was 4,144 in the period that was evaluated

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They achieved an almost 12% conversion rate within the first two months. 

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The fact that the number of organic traffic rose by 25% during this time demonstrated the effectiveness of consistent content publishing and increased their Revenue to 480,000 AUD​ within 3 Months.

What TechOne learnt about the Pool Building industry

By approaching SEO with high-intent researched keywords that can convert, Blue Pools & Spas boosted their organic traffic, increased their number of new visitors, and improved their conversion


High-intent researched keywords

Boosted their organic traffic

Increased their number of new visitors

Improved their conversion

By getting more keywords in the top SERP, they got more prospects to visit their website. This led to a 25% increase in organic traffic from their blog in 2 months with no PPC!


25% increase in organic traffic from their blog in 2 months with no PPC

Despite the improvements implemented on the client’s side, the results have been both positive and significant. We hope that the website of Blue Pools and Spas will perform even better as additional optimisations are done.

About TechOne.io

Tech-One is an international SEO Agency helping Blue Pools and Spas with their SEO and site challenges. We’re one of Vietnam’s best Search Engine Optimization Agencies. 

We can help you boost your organic traffic, and also improve your revenue.

Tech-One significantly increases your the organic traffic to provide more signups, prospects, and customers.


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