How Tech-One helped Blue Pools & Spas Increase their Conversion Rate from 4% to 11% in 2 Months

Case Study of Blue Pools and Spa Melbourne

You’ll learn how they:


Blue Pools & Spas had previously being doing some marketing but were not growing their organic traffic or their new enquiries to the business.

From a marketing perspective, their customer search queries are ‘high-search-intent’ meaning that there’s a common set of searches that we needed to rank for to get qualified leads.

Blue Pools were ranking for many keywords but mostly in the ‘consideration’ phase where potential customers where looking at layouts, sizes, shapes, lighting etc.

What we needed was to get them to rank for search terms like ‘best pool builder near me’ and ‘pool builder [location]’ etc.

There was 3 main challenges Blue Pools faced:

The first what there was a small amount of Organic Traffic and low search intent.

The second was the the Technical SEO optimization was not good and had lots of small problems.

The third main challenge was that there was no blog page to update their website’s content and doing SEO would, therefore, be a more difficult task.


We added a blog section on their page and start posting content regularly with high-intent keywords in order to get their website on the top of Google’s SERP.

Content Marketing is an approach that is more efficient with time and prove their worth with quality writing. But we chose to invest in it for Blue Pools & Spas because with typical industry like pool building, it is more important to offer informative perspective to your customer, as well as show them your professional capabilities with in-depth guides and friendly, helpful tips.

Content Marketing also known to get you natural leads and purchases are almost usually of higher quality. When we work on a client’s website for more than three months, users spend an additional 375% more time on the site.

Along with that, we have redesigned their main page and fix the contact form to be more conversion-driven, their CTA button to be more eye-popping and attracts visitors better.


And here are the results of our combined efforts!

The number of impressions was 4,144 in the period that was evaluated.

They achieved an almost 12% conversion rate within the first 2 months.

The fact that the number of organic traffic rose by 25% during this time period demonstrated the effectiveness of consistent content publishing and the precision of high-intent keyword selection.


By approaching SEO with content marketing and high-intent researched keywords that can convert, Blue Pools & Spas was able to boost their organic traffic, increase their number of new visitors, and improve their site engagement. By getting more keywords in top SERP, they were able to get more prospects to their website. This led to a 25% increase in organic traffic from their blog in 2 months with no PPC! 

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In this case study, we’re going to present how Tech-One got closer to one of our client over at Blue Pools & Spas‘ goals with our SEO services.


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