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Tech-One is comprised of passionate marketing minds who are known for building outstanding client relationships and producing results.

We are hyper-focused on offering marketing solutions ranging from Web Design and Development to comprehensive SEO to enhance your online marketing ROI.

Our highly experienced team works with integrity and sincerity to turn your vision into a digital reality.

Colin Melia
CEO & Founder

SEO Strategist and Marketer with over 12 years of experience working in agencies and client-side.

We live with strong business ethics and do the right things in an honest way.

Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & COO

COO of Tech-XGroup

Head of Marketing

Account Manager

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

Operation Executive

Legal Admin

Technical SEO Specialist

Content Writer

Content Writer

Technical SEO

Content Writer

Web Dev

Marketing Executive

Web Dev

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

SEO Executive

Our Services

Searche Engine

Website Development

Search Engine Optimization

Website Development

Content Marketing

Paid Media

PR Booking

Our Clients

Our Mission

We assist our clients in achieving long-term, measurable business success.

This is done by doing what we preach, by testing and implementing best practices with all our clients.

Our Values

We are attentive, proactive, and involved with our clients.

Because “digital” is a fast-moving technology, we collaborate to develop long-term, sustainable relationships with our clients.

Our Strengths

SEO Specialization

Business-Focused SEO

Custom Strategies

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How do we work

Book A
Discovery Call

We Will Conduct
A Site Audit

Your competitors

We Will Conduct
A/B Testing

How do we work

Book A
Discovery Call

We Will Conduct
A Site Audit

Your competitors

We Will Conduct
A/B Testing

Our Projects


  • 1.469% increase in website users
    (from 682 to 10.7K/month YoY)
  • 3.325% increase in goal completions
    (from 4 to 137/month YoY)
  • Website’s visibility has risen from 1% to 10%, with 23 keywords ranking in the top 3, and 78 in the top 10 of Google

Airmed Scrubs

  • 4X organic traffic in 3 months
  • From $0 in sales each month from Google to over $1,600

Sir Tailor

  • Website users increased from 3,277 to 7,856 (+149.73%)
  • Keywords ranked on Google increased from 25 to 222

Browning Law

  • Browning Law Firm has achieved excellent keyword accumulation results, with over 6000+ keywords in 6 months of SEO and 250+ keywords in top 10 of Google.
  • With their highest performance months, their conversion rate has increased by 90% compared to the last three months.

Consult DTS

  • All users have increased by approximately 79.42%, followed by 86.62% in new users and 56.34% in sessions in 6 months.
  • The number of organic keywords we’ve accumulated has doubled in 3 months.

Blue Pools And Spas

  • Achieved an increase of 25% in Organic Traffic after 2 months.
  • Increased their Conversion Rate from 4% to 11%, mostly coming from Organic Search and Google Maps.
  • In October 2022, they got 50 leads as successfully from submission.

Epilogue Systems

  • An increase by 35.04% in Organic Traffic right after the following month of rebuilding the website.
  • Organic Traffic increased a total of 80% in 3 months.

boulo solutions

  • The site’s visibility has increased dramatically with the following: with 47 keywords on Top 1-3, 204 keywords on Top 4-10 and 1.683 keywords on Top 11+.
  • Organic Traffic has climbed 76.8%, compared to the last 3 months, by following E-A-T guidelines and providing users-oriented content. So, the traffic got a big push after the newest Google Helpful Content update.
  • In terms of Conversions, Boulo Solutions has 22 Qualifying Leads in total in October 2022.

“We now have more than
15 major keywords in top
3 positions. We’ve had a
record start to the year
due to a large boost in

from Blue Pools

“Colin from Tech-One and his
team did a fantastic job with
our SEO campaign. It was
clear from their roadmap
what they were going to do
and they also provided
regular reports, which showed
improvement of our search
engine ranking over a period
of few months”

from Savills

“By the end of the project
we are just so much
clearer on our business
online and what we have
to do moving forward.”

Engineering Manager
Micro Bio Ltd

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