Top 7 Problems with Building an Internal Marketing team

Problems with Building an Internal Marketing Team-Tech-One-io

Putting together a strong internal marketing team is very beneficial to the success of your company.

They have familiarity with both your brand and industry and are also invested in the organization’s growth as a whole.

In fact, about 41% of B2B companies have in-house staff who are designated to analyze, plan, and carry out marketing strategies.

If you go this route rather than working with an agency, you will face a few pretty critical challenges.

Most of them are concerned with extra costs coming from permanent hires.

Unlike with freelancers, it’s much harder to cut back on the fly.

But what are those downsides specifically, you might ask?

Well, now that we’ve got your attention, let’s find out through this article!

#1 With more staff comes more responsibilities

Additional staff members require more paperwork and you also have to manage new employee issues
Additional staff members require more paperwork and you also have to manage new employee issues

In summary, additional staff members require paperwork, onboarding, one-on-ones, up-to-date job descriptions, performance reviews, raises, career-path conversations, supplies, tools, and so much more.

You also have to manage employee issues, including hiring mistakes, personnel conflicts, employee turnover, and unplanned time off.

#2 Recruitment and training costs

To elaborate on the previous point, the first and foremost issue comes from the recruitment process.

Before you can begin hiring, you need to decide which marketing channels will have the highest priority and what skill sets are required for each of the positions.

Along with other issues, such as candidate management and screening, this is probably going to cause a lot of headaches for your HR department.

After that comes the actual training itself.

Marketing research is a complicated task that calls for an in-depth understanding of statistical techniques as well as general marketing principles.

It’s possible that a smaller company won’t have the financial means to fund such an undertaking.

In this scenario, it might make more sense to hire outside consultants to assist with specific cases on an as-needed basis.

#3 Staff retention problems

This particular facet can be challenging.

The reason for this is that contemporary workers place a high value on their own personal development and are less likely to remain in the same position for an extended period of time.

Keeping high-performing employees, some of whom may not even be a good fit for all of the projects you currently have going, will require an investment of time, effort, and money on your part.

And after some time has passed, you will be faced with the question of whether an in-house team is worth all of these hassles.

Working with an agency transfers the responsibility of dealing with this issue to the agency, which removes a significant burden from your shoulders.

#4 More cost pressure from technology and tools

It will cost even more to build and run an internal marketing team that keeps up with the latest hardware and software
It will cost even more to build and run an internal marketing team that keeps up with the latest hardware and software

When putting together an internal team, it’s often necessary to keep up with the latest hardware and software, whether it’s a fee for tech maintenance or a subscription to a project management app.

Because of this, it will even cost more to build and run an internal marketing team, which will put some strain on the company’s finances.

#5 Limited personnel capabilities

If you’re a small company with a small marketing team, you can only do so much with the limited set of skills at your disposal.

Because of this, in-housing can involve a significant amount of additional labor.

This is not to mention the impossibility of executing massive marketing activities.

On the other hand, if your company is large enough to support a sizable in-house marketing team, other kinds of hardships may arise.

Leaders of companies with large internal marketing teams must break down organizational silos for better management. This could have a significant impact on communication.

And even if you recruit some of the most qualified workers in your industry, it is unlikely that you will be able to compete with a large advertising agency’s wealth of knowledge, resources, and experience.

#6 Ideas aren’t debated

When marketing is done in-house, sometimes the whole idea stays within the company.

Since plans and strategies aren’t shared with anyone outside, their success is limited to what your team can afford.

Your campaigns can become monotonous over time, and it is easy for your team to become disconnected from the latest discoveries in the industry.

It is, however, different when an agency comes into the picture if your company employs a hybrid approach.

Their fresh perspectives allow a chance for your plans and strategies to be scrutinized. And your workers have the opportunity for networking and shared learning as well.

#7 No pause button for when things go wrong

Say, a special situation occurs which requires you to scale down your business, you cannot merely halt the work for a short period of time or tell your in-house team to abort the mission.

You have to actually fire people who either caused the issue or simply were not doing enough.

And if you hire the wrong candidates, it costs extra time, work, and money to fix it. To make things even more difficult, the repair work has to be done on top of the regular marketing efforts.

In summary..

These problems probably gave you and your plan to construct an internal marketing team quite a bit of anxiety, which is understandable.

Nevertheless, with the appropriate management and planning, it is unquestionably possible to triumph over those challenges!

Whatever choice you make, we wish you the best of luck with it!

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    Hi, I'm Colin! I'm passionate about helping your business grow. So are you ready for your success?


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