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How to Fix a High Churn rate of Marketing staff

Modern employees desire personal growth and achievement.

And it’s more so in the field of marketing.

It is natural to always be on the lookout for the best job opportunities that offer you a chance to grow.

Especially when your current job is not as satisfactory and/or challenging enough for you anymore.

When there is too many staff quitting their job, it leaves a massive problem known as high employee churn rate.

This is something a lot of companies have to deal with and it can be tough.

If this is what is happening with your organization, don’t miss out on this helpful article on the solutions to a high churn rate of marketing staff!

What is a High Churn Rate of Marketing Staff

Employee churn rate measures how the percentage of workers who quit a company in a particular time period.

This metric varies depending on the preferences of each organization.

Some work mostly with freelancers or short-term employees, others prefer loyal personnel that commits to them for years.

Despite not having a standard number, a high employee churn rate tends to dictate an ineffective approach to employee retention, which in turn impedes the development of the organization.

If this problem is not addressed head-on, it will have major long-term repercussions.

So, what are your options for this matter?

How to Solve the Problem of High Churn Rate for Marketing Staff

Constantly recruiting

Continuous recruitment strategy ensures that your agency is constantly ready to expand
Continuous recruitment strategy ensures that your agency is constantly ready to expand

A continuous recruitment strategy ensures that your agency is constantly ready to expand.

When you hire new people all the time, the need for a large number of employees is certain to be satisfied any time it comes up.

This is especially true for SEO agencies, whose staffing needs might increase drastically and unexpectedly when they take on new, high-volume clients.

Offer market-rate pay and benefits

When it comes to job-hopping among professionals, salary and benefits are major factors contributing to the decision.

How to make it right is apparent, satisfy your workers’ financial needs by offering attractive pay rates that can compete with other businesses.

And, while it is crucial to offer appealing starting pay to attract top personnel, you should increase salaries for hard-to-fill posts on a regular basis to retain talents.

Make them feel like they are valued consistently.

Look out for toxic employees

In the workplace, toxic coworkers are people that are extremely critical, often place blame on others, gossip, sabotage colleagues’ efforts, and only look out for themselves in a selfish and competitive manner.

Top-performance employees may quit because they can’t stand working with them.

If you spot anyone that fits the description within the team, educate them to enhance team morale.

In worst-case scenarios, such as they refuse to follow your advice, you might need to implement some penalties.

Develop good company culture

A positive culture is likely to make them want to stay longer - How to Fix a High Churn rate of Marketing staff - Tech-One.io
A positive culture is likely to make them want to stay longer

A company’s culture might be explicitly and purposefully fostered, or just simply be the results of a series of choices made over time.

Nevertheless, it is a significant factor in determining the degree to which staff members take pleasure in their work. A positive culture in which employees don’t find it difficult to express themselves is likely to make them want to stay longer.

The most essential thing that can be done for both new recruits and existing workers is to be upfront and honest about the culture of the firm as it is, rather than what it aims to be in the future.

Prioritize a healthy work-life balance

In an ideal world, the culture of the firm should be geared toward making the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance a priority.

Workers should have the energy to work on other aspects of their life, not being completely drained out after a day at work and skipping meals or losing sleep over unresolved working issues.

It is essential, then, to make it clear that the advantages of policies meant to keep employees happy can be enjoyed by anybody, and that anyone can do that in a relaxed and at ease manner.

Be constructive in employee performance reviews

Connecting and helping employees through reviews lets them know they can count on the company for guidance to become better at their job.

The performance review process should be one that is collaborative, dynamic, and ongoing.

Rather than creating distance and possible resentment between employees and their managers, it should be designed in a way that fosters a closer working relationship between the two parties.

Use encouraging language while simultaneously giving suggestions, instead of pointing out their flaws.

A criticism may sound very different when it comes from a place of genuineness.

Create career paths and opportunities for growth within the company

Promotion and internal recruitment must be consistent and objective, so that staffs are not fearful of retaliation for seeking opportunities in another department.

Organizations that implement strategies such as encouraging cross-functional projects, identifying existing employees’ skills, and connecting upskilling to internal opportunities have discovered that these strategies help with internal recruitment and can convince workers to stay longer

Analyze existing turnover to identify problems

Analyze existing turnover to identify problems
Analyze existing turnover to identify problems

Last but not least, when trying to find and keep the best employees, it’s important to be able to look at evident data about turnover in real-time, compare it to trends from the past, and take action based on it.

This will make decreasing the churn rate easier to some extent.

So to wrap it up..

It is never too late to invest more in employee retention with these tips. How many have you implemented and how many succeed? Tell us your experience via our social media channels.

Also check out other articles for more fascinating marketing tips.

Or, if you want to accelerate your business growth with innovative and result-driven marketing tactics, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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