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What Are The Differences Between Traffic And Conversion Ads?

What Are The Differences Between Traffic And Conversion Ads?

Facebook boasts various ad tools to help you improve your sales. However, it may make you confused and wonder what works best for your campaign. There’s so much to learn, especially the difference between traffic and conversion ads, two of the most commonly used options by businesses. Let’s delve into the details to figure out which type benefits your marketing and sales goals.

What Are Traffic Ads?

Traffic ads are used to grow traffic (mainly to your landing page). The purpose of traffic ads is to lead users’ attention to an ad and make them click and view it. Traffic ads are a good tool to provide potential customers with information about your brand, products, and services, thus generating their awareness about your business. It is also a useful way to help you create a big website quickly.

Though Google PPC ads are known to be better and bring more traffic in this case, this advert tool in social media platforms like Facebook still offers you some benefits. In fact, it’s the way your message is delivered in your ad that matters.

This type of advertising does not significantly increase your sales. However, you can still use it to build your brand name in the market and combine it with other ad tools, such as conversion ads; you’ll see the effectiveness.

What Are Conversion Ads?

Conversion ads are used to encourage the target audience to take a particular action, including signing up, subscribing, and purchasing, and to increase the conversion rate. It’s said to bring remarkably higher ROI than traffic ads.

Conversion ads have greater flexibility. While running these ads, you can monitor and make adjustments if needed to ensure they work effectively and achieve your goals. Businesses can set up the profile of the target audience, such as locations, buying history, online activity, interests, etc. Therefore, your conversion ads can reach more potential customers who have a high possibility of converting into buyers.

what are conversion ads
What Are Conversion Ads?

The difference between traffic and conversion ads

Still confused between these two types of ads? Let’s dig into their similarities and differences right below!


It doesn’t matter what your specific goal of running ads is; both types of tools are designed to direct people to your app or website.

The main difference between conversion ads and traffic ads is what viewers will do when they land on your page.


Conversion AdsTraffic Ads
This type of ad drives people to your website and encourages them to take the desired action (mainly purchasing).Traffic Ads mainly and efficiently lead people to visit your site.
Conversion Ads aim at the action taken on the site.It helps optimize the clicks on your link and the views for your landing page.
It’s more suitable when you have an ongoing business and want to increase your sales.It’s a good start if you’re new to Facebook advertising.
Fewer impressionsMore impressions
Higher cost per clickLower cost per click

Which Is Better: Traffic Or Conversion?

What is your goal?

Conversion vs traffic ads. These two types of campaigns do have some differences, and both work effectively; thus, you should identify which one to apply depending on your purpose of use.

  1. Boosting Traffic
  2. Boosting Sales

Based on the target of your campaign, you can choose the suitable one.

1. Boosting Traffic

If you want to build a new Facebook page for your new brand, you’ll need more followers and page engagement. It’s when you need to call for the help of traffic ads. They will be handy for increasing your engagement and post engagement, in other words, boosting your traffic.

2. Boosting sales

If you’ve already had your own brand, you may want to aim for conversion rate rather than traffic growth. In this case, traffic ads may not be effective, and it’s time to try implementing conversion ads to boost your sales.

With conversion ads, you don’t need to pay if there’s no conversion into customers. This type of ad offers you an immediate return on your investment.

The conversion is not necessary to always be a purchase. While running the campaign, you can set up your marketing funnel that you would like to count as a conversion. It can be something like “add to cart.”

The “Add to cart” option may not make much sense, but you can use this useful data for your further marketing strategy. When a person adds your products to the cart but has not made a purchase, you can include them in a separate campaign to convert them into buyers.

Your campaign is to target people who already know about your products to buy them when they see the ads on Facebook again. In short, if you want to see a more immediate return on your ad spend, go for conversion ads.

Which Is Better: Traffic Or Conversion?
Which Is Better: Traffic Or Conversion?

Pros and Cons

Conversion Ads Pros and Cons

Conversion Ads bring higher conversionsThe ads give fewer impressions.
It helps establish a quick rapport.Its cost per click is higher.
The ad is helpful for answering pre-purchase questions and overcoming objections.It requires enough Facebook Facebook pixel and CAPI (Conversions API) installed on your site, verifying your domain, and configuring your most important 8 events.

Traffic Ads Pros and Cons

Traffic Ads give more impression.It brings lower conversions.
It has a lower cost per click.Given that their primary objective is to increase visitors rather than encourage purchases, traffic advertising may not be the best way to increase sales.
It’s a perfect option if you want to build retargeting audiences.Traffic advertisements need a landing page that is attractive enough to draw people in; otherwise, they might leave right away without coming back.

So Which One Is More Important?

Conversion ads vs traffic ads. They are both essential when you create any marketing campaign. If you run only one tool without the other, it may not generate success. One supports the other to promote an effective venture.

Traffic ads play an important role in driving potential customers to your products and services, but conversion ads are essential to encourage those target customers to take buying action. Both tools provide you with useful data to understand your potential market.

In short, these two tools play an important role in your brand’s marketing campaign and can bring huge benefits to your business if combined properly.

Another thing to remember is that to boost your conversion, you should do much more than these two campaigns. If you think you need some advice or support to make your marketing strategy work effectively, Facebook ads service is a good option.

Wrap up

The difference between traffic and conversion ads mainly lies in their purpose of using or, in other words, your aim. If you target more traffic to your site, traffic ads are helpful. If you want to have a more immediate return from your ad spending and increase the conversion rate, go for the conversion ads. These two tools can be implemented at the same time to generate more sales.

Creating a successful campaign is not easy. Thus, if you need any support, Tech-One can lift the heavy job for you to help you save time and effort. Don’t hesitate to contact us right now!

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    Get more web traffic now!

    Hi, I'm Colin! I'm passionate about helping your business grow. So are you ready for your success?


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