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The Best Social Media Agency in Asia: How to choose one?

Number 1 social media agency in Asia: How to choose?

Social media agency in Asia: One of the most intriguing findings for 2021 is that there are 4.3 billion Internet users globally, with 2.2 billion in Asia, ranking second and a half among global users. 

And it’s difficult to deny the power of social media as a medium for exposure and advertising.

42% of the Internet users use social media to read more about brands. 

If you have a budget but aren’t sure how to make the best of it, you should consider working with a social media firm. 

Consider some of this question when you desire to work with a social media agency:

– Have a budget but are unsure how to make the best of it?

– Are you struggling to improve performance? 

– Do you know how to calculate the outcomes of your social media efforts?

If you’ve decided that you want to partner with a social media agency in Asia, the next step is to figure out how to choose the best one. 

So, here are some helpful hints for you:

If you’ve decided that you want to partner with a social media agency in Asia, the next move is to figure out how to choose the best one. 

Why did companies hire a social media agency in Asia? 

To answer this question, we must define social media marketing and what a social media agency in Asia will do with the businesses.

The best social media agency in Asia: What is social media marketing?

Number 1 social media agency in Asia: How to choose?

Number 1 social media agency in Asia: How to choose?

The usage of social networking sites to engage with your audience to create your brand, boost revenue, and improve website traffic is known as social media marketing. 

It includes posting high-quality material on your social networking accounts, listening to and communicating with your fans, reviewing your results, and running social media ads.

The most common social networking sites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat

There are also social network management resources available that help businesses with some of the social media channels mentioned above. 

Buffer, for example, is a network with social media optimization software that can assist you in achieving results in your social media marketing. 

What does a social media agency in Asia do with your business?


The social media agency in Asia will manage all (if not the majority) of company social media publication operations. 

Typically, the firm and the client would settle to a fixed number of posts for each media platform. 

They will then do research and analysis on common social media material in the field to which your company belongs. 

They would then develop a content calendar based on those subjects.


The social media agency in Asia will review your company’s social media footprint and find the places that need attention. 

Alternatively, there is social media monitoring functionality used for such research.


Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Social media agency in Asia should also provide in-depth analyses of the competition’s environment. 

This insight is helpful for advertisers to understand how their rivals are doing. 

They also reveal how a company compares to its competitors.

Aside from that, companies will benefit from their competitors’ marketing failures and successes. Businesses will create fail-safe campaigns for their brands with the help of agencies. 

There is social media competitor reporting software, just like for other services, that provides this information.


Social media agencies offer the creation and building of innovative ways. 

The first run an audit of the existing social media presence and strategies, learn about the business competition. 

They list out the type of content,  the publishing frequency fit for the business/industry. 


Social media agency in Asia can be a noisy place to get a company’s brand awareness out. 

To run an engaging social profile can be overwhelming for most companies. 

A social media agency can help companies manage the responses that they get on different social profiles.

There will be more than one company that social media agencies handle and many more profiles daily. 

Social media agencies use social media engagement software to control all the buzz for their clients.


82% of social media agencies have social media integrated into their SEO strategy for their clients. 

Google said that it does not factor in social signals in search ranking, social media agencies continue to stress the importance of signals.

It is because content that gets shared on social channels tends to pick up links or get high engagement. 

These factors affect the way a profile or company ranked on search engines. 

Social media agencies thus offer search engine optimization as one of their services.


Social media agencies help companies or businesses run social media campaigns, social media paid ads. 

Running social media campaigns is not the same as running social profiles. 

Post content on social profiles to keep an active and engaging presence and social media campaigns run with a specific purpose or objective.

It can be anything from building brand awareness, increasing followers, or improving leads for the business. 

As mentioned earlier, social media can be a noisy place. To effectively run a campaign, it is best to have the in-house expertise or outsource it to a social media agency.

Tech-one provides these services. We help companies grow through SEO, website design, content creation and google ad campaigns

Head over to to learn more about us

After you understand what a social media agency is, consider the following factors to determine if a social media agency in Asia is a good fit for you.

The Pros 

Agencies understand best practices and how to make the most of their budget

The Pros 

The Pros

Businesses achieve a strategic advantage by recruiting a social media marketing firm. 

Last year’s algorithm change by Facebook significantly reduced organic coverage, causing companies to rely more on social media advertising.

The positive news is that agencies understand how to make the most of social media marketing by using ingenuity in architecture, advertising, writing, and video. 

They will also understand how to capitalize on timing, writing to social media when breaking news or something goes viral.

Furthermore, agencies can understand how to get the best bang for the buck in your proposal. 

They can understand how to structure and target campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you don’t know what you’re doing, just figuring out the ad formats and other solutions can be a hassle.

Obtain skills as well as someone who can think outside the box

It is not uncommon for an out-of-the-box concept to take root on social media. In social media, it helps to be a pioneer rather than a follower.

Hiring social media professionals will offer you a significant advantage in terms of marketing suggestions and advertising tactics. 

Agencies have tried-and-true formulas that have yielded results. 

They even know what hasn’t succeeded in the social media room, which can save you thousands of dollars.

Hiring a social media marketing service also gives you access to a comprehensive range of paid resources that can support companies with post organizing, monitoring, analytics, and more.

Agencies will also study your recent social media efforts, do investigations, and look for opportunities to refine them. 

They would seek opportunities for immediate returns while still implementing a long-term strategic plan. 

Furthermore, they will assess the competitiveness and determine what will fit best for the company.

Gaining outside perspective

Anytime a professional peek behind the enterprise is possible, an organization has the opportunity to change. 

We always get lost in our little bubble, finding it difficult to see through the four walls that surround us. 

That happens a lot when developing social media campaigns that you think can help your brand. 

Getting a second opinion on the brand and social media strategy can benefit companies through professionals who do this daily.

Keeping eyes on the customer service

It is also standard practice for users on social media for assistance (or to complain). 

As a result, staying on top of such messages can be your task to keep consumers happy. 

If you’ve determined your objectives, you should share them with a social media agency and set benchmarks to achieve together.

The Cons 


A social media marketing campaign could cost you anywhere from $1000 to $3000. 

For a small enterprise, it is almost unlikely. The price will vary, but it is still costly. 

But, most importantly, you have no idea what you’re paying. 

It’s not because you’re entrusting it to one of your staff.

However, you can get more than what you need and pay less with Tech-One.


Businesses may be worried that social media agencies may need time to learn and appreciate the brand’s voice and audience. 

If you work in a more specialized field, the agency you employ can not be as savvy about industry-specific news, issues, or jargon as members of your internal staff. 

However, though this might be true in the early weeks or months of the relationship, a trustworthy agency can take the time to learn about the company and the market in which you operate.


One perceived downside of having an agency is the lack of quality control over advertising when it comes to branding. 

A related problem is a time it takes to react to your online audience, staff within an organisation may not be entirely devoted to your single account, and approval procedures can take longer than if you have someone managing your social media internally. 

If this is a problem, ensure that all content is consistent with the brand, and provide a strong and effective mechanism for content and engagement approvals.


One common fear when using an agent is that they will lose out on social media links. 

A good firm would be able to differentiate between client ambassadors, prospects, and future collaborations and flag them to key individuals in your company so that you can begin to create and grow these relationships.

Lack of Industry Experience

Some agencies have only operated in a few markets. If you come from a niche industry, there’s a risk that some marketing companies don’t know much about it. 

Keep this in mind when you search for an agency. Examine their recent experience to ensure that they have already collaborated with customers in your industry.

They would need more direction and supervision at the start of your working partnership with a marketing firm. 

However, as time passes, they can gain a better understanding of the company and market. 

You will eventually be able to rely on them for all of your marketing needs.

Different clients, various priorities

While you focused on your business, your marketing agency has a diverse client base. 

According to recent reports, SEO specialists in large agencies can directly manage up to 17 accounts. 

Few of them may pay more for services than you, implying that they get more care and have a higher priority rating. 

Plan timelines pushed as a result of this.

An effective organisation, on the other hand, will still set reasonable targets and maintain its goals. 

If you’re considering recruiting a communications firm, ask their brand managers how many customers they have. 

They should give you a clear sense of how much work they have.

In Conclusion

It’s time to consider the social media approach. 

If you believe that working for an organization is the right way for you to improve your social effectiveness, remember that an organization that is solely interested in gaining supporters is not in your best interests. 

If you think you’d be better off doing it yourself, check at management software.

Okay, but what if neither option seems like the right one for you? 

The good news is that there are many different kinds of agencies that help you grow your business. 

Finally, choosing to use a social media agency can be a tough choice, with pros and cons to consider from both sides before proceeding.

If you are interested in using a social media agency in Asia, find out more here Tech One about how we could help you stay connected to your customers through social media.

Or, if you want to accelerate your business growth with innovative and result-driven marketing tactics, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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    Hi, I'm Colin! I'm passionate about helping your business grow. So are you ready for your success?


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