How to Outsource SEO Services: The Dos and Don’ts

How to Outsource SEO Services: The Dos and Don'ts

Outsourcing SEO services is a strategic move for businesses to enhance their online presence. However, in order to succeed in this process, careful planning is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions to effectively outsource SEO services.

Additionally, we will highlight the mistakes that businesses often make when outsourcing SEO services. By understanding these essential things, you can make informed decisions to ensure the success of your SEO outsourcing endeavor.

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What is outsource SEO?

Outsource SEO is hiring external professionals or agencies to handle search engine optimization (SEO) tasks. Instead of having an in-house team dedicated to SEO, companies can outsource this function to specialized experts.

These experts have the knowledge and experience to increase website visibility and drive more targeted traffic. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations.

What is outsource SEO?
What is outsource SEO?

Why do businesses choose to outsource SEO services?

Outsourcing SEO can be a strategic decision for businesses to thrive. Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Expertise: Business owners may not have the necessary expertise to optimize their websites for search engines, but SEO experts possess a deep understanding of search engine algorithms to yield tangible results.
  2. Time: Many business owners are already occupied running their businesses and may not have enough time to dedicate to executing SEO effectively. Outsourcing allows them to focus on other crucial business activities while leaving their SEO needs to experts.
  3. Cost: Hiring an employee to handle SEO is not often financially possible for small businesses. Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution to obtain expertise without the expense of hiring an in-house resource.
  4. Scalability: Outsourcing SEO enables businesses to scale their SEO efforts up or down as needed. It aligns with their business goals and budget.
  5. Access to tools and technology: SEO necessitates access to specialized tools, which are expensive to acquire and maintain. By outsourcing SEO, businesses can benefit from data and research tools without having to invest directly in them.
  6. Results: Business owners may not be achieving the desired results from their in-house SEO efforts. By outsourcing to a reputable SEO provider with a proven track record, they can enhance their search engine rankings. Moreover, they can boost organic website traffic, attract more customers online, and improve conversion rates.

Those are the reasons why SEO is among the most commonly outsourced digital marketing activities, with 42.70% of companies opting for outsourcing. Similarly, PPC is another activity with an equal percentage of businesses choosing this approach. Additionally, social media marketing is outsourced by 25.84% of companies.

Outsource SEO vs. In-house

Outsource SEO vs. In-house
Outsource SEO vs. In-house
Outsource SEOIn-house SEO
Pros– Cost-effective solution with no operational overhead for your business
– Standard project management practices to ensure strategy alignment
– Diverse experience gained by working with different businesses and extensive industry exposure
– Engagement of multiple SEO experts per project, allowing for various strategies for your website
– Assurance of up-to-date knowledge and practices to retain clients through tangible results
– Access to abundant resources for the steady growth of your online business
– Utilization of trade networks for efficient sub-contracting and improved process efficiency
– Complete control over the process
– Exclusive dedication of an SEO expert to your brand
– Flexibility to assign specific portions of the SEO strategy to other contractors
– Easy collaboration between the SEO expert and your marketing and sales teams
– Ability of the SEO expert to contribute insights to your overall marketing strategy
Cons– The cost of service reflects quality; cheaper options may not be better
– Far distance can pose challenges unless there is robust communication in place
– Results from an agency may not always meet expectations
– The drive to retain clients by delivering impressive results may sometimes lead to questionable strategies
– Costs will be higher as you need to cover salary and benefits
– An individual may lack expertise in all strategies
– Slower growth due to limited resources
– Difficult for a single person to stay updated on all trends

The decision to outsource SEO or keep it in-house depends on various factors such as budget and business goals. But those above are the aspects that you should consider outsourcing SEO services. Keep reading to find out the steps to outsource SEO!

Step-by-step guide to outsourcing SEO

Step-by-step guide to outsourcing SEO
Step-by-step guide to outsourcing SEO

Outsourcing SEO is a strategic decision to enhance your online presence and drive more organic traffic. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this process effectively:

  1. Decide the marketing services to outsource: Some areas of SEO you might want to outsource are keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, or content creation. By identifying them, you will narrow down the search for suitable agencies.
  2. Set clear goals and expectations: Clearly define your objectives and communicate them to the agency you choose. They could be increasing website traffic, improving search engine rankings, or generating more leads. The well-defined goals will guide the agency’s efforts.
  3. Do research to find top marketing agencies: Look for reputable marketing agencies that specialize in SEO. You could read reviews, check case studies, and ask for recommendations from industry peers. Also, consider their expertise, experience, and track record before making a decision.
  4. Confirm your strategy with the chosen agency: Collaborate with the agency to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to your business needs. You should discuss keyword targeting, content creation, technical optimizations, and link-building strategies. This ensures that the agency understands your brand and target audience.
  5. Follow your campaign’s progress and stay informed: Stay engaged with the agency throughout the campaign. Your team should regularly review progress reports, analytics, and keyword rankings. It is important to maintain open communication to address any concerns or make adjustments as needed.

More importantly, outsourcing SEO requires active involvement and collaboration. Regularly assess the agency’s performance and evaluate the impact of their strategies on your website’s visibility and organic traffic.

6 mistakes to avoid when outsourcing your SEO service

When outsourcing your SEO services, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes that can hinder your success. Here are six mistakes to avoid:

6 mistakes to avoid when outsourcing your SEO service
6 mistakes to avoid when outsourcing your SEO service

1. Going too cheap

While cost is a consideration, opting for the cheapest SEO service can be a mistake. Quality SEO requires expertise, time, and resources. Choosing a low-cost provider may result in subpar strategies and ineffective results. Therefore, you should invest in a reputable agency that offers transparent pricing and delivers value for your money.

2. Inexperienced companies/ Lack of SEO expertise

Be cautious of companies without a proven track record or lacking SEO expertise. SEO is a specialized field that requires knowledge of search engine algorithms, industry trends, and best practices. Choose an agency with a solid reputation in relevant experience and a skilled team to ensure effective optimization.

3. Unrelated objectives and values

It’s crucial to align your objectives and values with the agency you choose. And more importantly, ensure they understand your business goals and target audience. A misalignment can lead to ineffective strategies of the outsourced SEO service.

4. Companies that promise fast results

SEO is a long-term strategy that requires patience and consistent effort. Beware of agencies that promise overnight rankings or instant results. Meanwhile, ethical SEO practices take time to yield sustainable organic growth. So, look for agencies that emphasize gradual progress and sustainable optimization techniques.

5. Lack of communication and collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are essential for successful SEO outsourcing. The agency you choose should maintain open lines of communication and provide regular progress reports. A lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and delayed progress!

6. Black hat techniques

You should definitely avoid agencies that employ black hat SEO techniques. The unethical practices violate search engine guidelines and can result in severe penalties, including being removed from search engine results altogether. Ensure that the agency follows white hat SEO practices, which focus on ethical optimization strategies and comply with search engine guidelines.

Outsource SEO to a Vietnam SEO Company

By following the guide mentioned in this post and being aware of these common mistakes, you can manage to outsource SEO services effectively.

On the other hand, Vietnam has emerged as a leading destination for outsourcing. A Vietnam SEO company offers a combination of competitive pricing, skilled professionals, and a solid understanding of global SEO practices. Tech-One is among the leading SEO companies in Vietnam that offers comprehensive SEO solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses.

Contact us today to boost your online visibility and achieve long-term success in the digital landscape!

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