Struggles in Retaining Marketing Staff

The problems with retaining marketing staff -

Staff retention can be a tricky beast for employers in any business, but it is particularly difficult in the highly competitive marketing profession.

Knowing the reasons why your employees could leave, on the other hand, might help you avoid the problem from very early stages.

Keep reading to learn about the most typical issues that arise when it comes to keeping marketing personnel!

But first, why don’t we find out why investing in staff retention may benefit your organization?

Why Retaining Staff is Important

Employees are, without a doubt, the most crucial stakeholders in your organization. Due to the increasing demand for skilled individuals in today’s market, losing valuable members of your team may be a trigger for both capacity and morale difficulties.

The most apparent reason for this is the employee turnover cost may double the amount of money paid to them. And talking about the amount it would take to replace your most skillful staff.

Adding up to that is the amount of time you have to spend guiding new employees to the culture and workflow of your business, whereas if your current staff is devoted for a long period of time, wasting time will not be a problem.

Problems with Retaining Marketing Staff

Without further ado, let us jump right into the reasons why your workers may get tired of their job and decide to part ways.

Salary dissatisfaction

It is an understandable reason. Why would anybody want to work for a company that offers them so little money when they have so many bills to pay every month?

Salary is the leading cause of employee dissatisfaction
Salary is the leading cause of employee dissatisfaction

Employee turnover is costly, as established above, and if you don’t want that cost to rise, you must stop being stingy with your payments and start rewarding your employees with the amount they deserve.

And although it is important, wage is not everything. Employees look for benefits that come alongside their salary too. Some of them are retirement benefits, paid sick leave, health insurance, and nowadays onsite childcare and pet insurance as well.

Better job opportunities in the market

Employees are more inclined to quit their current position if they are given a position that would open them to new skills, networks, and perks, or simply come across a recruitment post with promising incentives.

Particularly if they have spent years in the same role and are looking for new challenges in their professional lives.

A good advice is to always look out to see what other companies are offering, and to what extent can yours outdo them. Then do everything in your power to show employees your business is a place worth staying.

No chance for growth

In a creative field such as marketing, these people are always striving to excel and reach higher milestones. If they decide they cannot reach full potential here, they might even quit the organization altogether.

No one comes and stays in one place for decades anymore, so make sure you give them enough space and opportunities to learn. Invest in your employees’ future by paying for conferences and memberships. They will surely appreciate that.

Unrealistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations might manifest themselves in the following ways, causing employees to leave their jobs: Work overload, tight deadlines, and unreasonable quality demands.

When employees are asked to do their job perfectly all the time, and to an impossible amount, chances are they become stressed out, doubtful of themselves even. Then eventually, leave the job.

However, listing this as a problem does not mean the solution is going easy and asking less from them. It means managers and supervisory staff have to be more active in helping them deal with stress and high-level tasks.

No work-life balance

This is another factor that damages job satisfaction and speeds up employee lifecycle.

Creating a business culture that promotes work-life balance and normalizes the establishment of appropriate health boundaries is critical to keeping your staff healthy. And then you, the company leader, have to model it.

Establishing norms that encourage employees to set appropriate health boundaries at work
Establishing norms that encourage employees to set appropriate health boundaries at work

No top management support

Needless to say, everyone needs a sense of appreciation and support.

It does not matter how you look at it, until top management puts more emphasis on the fact that workers are critical to the company’s long-term performance, your employees will not get the assistance they need from supervisory staff, and they will eventually become resentful of the organization.


Playing favorites or having prejudices at work is undoubtedly one of the most controversial topics in the workplace, particularly in a competitive industry like marketing where people compete fiercely for advancement.

Any biases lying in the domain of gender identities or races are especially dangerous.

When someone notices partiality, it will not come as a surprise if they get angry and quit. At that point, rather than worrying about employee turnover issues, bad reputation will be a bigger issue since it will be detrimental to the company in the long run.

Outdated technologies/procedures

In order for employees to do their jobs well, they need to have the necessary systems, procedures, and tools. If they don’t, they’ll move on to a company that gives them the tools they need to be a winner.

Keeping your technology and training up to date encourages staff to work toward your business goals!

Some staff may have a predetermined plan to leave

These are the more extreme cases where the fault does not lie in the management and offerings.

An employee may have already planned to leave in certain circumstances, e.g. if their wife gets pregnant, if they get an opportunity elsewhere, or if they get into a degree program.

In this situation, boosting rewards that are tied to their needs may change their plan. For example, if it’s for family-related reasons, more generous parental leave and family-friendly policies may ease their desire to quit.

To sum up

It is never a waste taking measures to ensure your employees stay with you for a long while, and hopefully, by pointing out these problems, we have helped you come up with ways to support your employees and employee retention!

We have a lot more SEO marketing tips on our blog, so you might want to check them out as well.

Or, if you want to accelerate your business growth with innovative and result-driven marketing tactics, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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