Excellent Tips To Build SaaS SEO Strategy For Your Business

Tips to Build a SaaS SEO Strategy for your Business

Statistics have shown that SEO is one of the most effective sources to capture potential users for SaaS companies, driving around 70% of organic traffic to their site.

Yet, a lot of them don’t really know how to take advantage of content marketing, and your SaaS business might not be an exception.

That is why we are here today to give you useful tips on how to build an effective SaaS SEO strategy that can help with lead generation for your company.

An Overview of the SaaS Industry

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business model that allows users to access applications directly over a web browser using cloud infrastructure. It has been said to be the technology of the future.

What is unique about it is as the products are not tangible or limited in usage, not to mention its accessibility, convenience, and data security.

As a result, the SaaS industry rapidly gained popularity, having an incredible average scale increase of 500% within a seven-year span.

Among this almost oversaturated field, you need to stand out. And utilizing SEO is a preferable approach for most marketers these days.

How to Build a Good SaaS SEO Strategy

How to Develop an Excellent SaaS SEO Strategy
How to Develop an Excellent SaaS SEO Strategy

Your SaaS business’s health relies on putting your products in front of as many people as possible. That means generating and converting organic traffic.

The process will mostly surround three main aspects: keyword, technical, and content.

We will walk you through each tip with detailed explanations.

Start with Keyword Research

The first step to any SEO strategy is obviously to look for what keywords to target. Only then can you start working on the strategy.

In this step, understanding the searcher’s intent is crucial.

As there are many factors that play into why and how someone searches for something, one of the helpful methods is to step into the searchers’ shoes and perform the searches yourself.

Imagine, if you have a particular need that your SaaS product can resolve, what would you type in the search bar? What kind of results do you expect from those searches?

By answering these questions, you get a general picture of what kind of keywords will help your product or content reach the right audience.

Spy on your competitors

A part of keyword research is to make use of your competition’s efforts, instead of starting from scratch. What keywords do they target? Do they invest in PPC or SEO? Which keywords of theirs are ranking well?

Understanding how your SaaS competition uses SEO will reveal their strategies and goals, and how you can outdo them.

There is nothing wrong with learning from your enemies, especially when you receive precious insights out of it.

Perform technical audit

It is important to take care of any technical issues that may arise, and do it regularly.

Things like site load time, Javascript inhibiting usability, mobile responsiveness, broken page/link, duplicate content, title & meta descriptions,… may hinder your SEO digital marketing efforts noticeably.

Make sure your site runs smoothly so visitors won’t go away after 5 seconds of waiting for it to load.

Create content strategy

Content is arguably the center of any SaaS SEO strategy.

Once the site is entirely error-free and ready to handle a large number of visitors, it is time to map out and tailor your content to the objectives of each stage in the sales funnel.

A good content strategy does not just look at articles individually, it also concerns the long-term production cycle of content around the targeted topics.

This requires you to assess your site objectively and see where the target keywords should be placed. Furthermore, content organizations should create a relevant hierarchy structure to maximize user engagement.

Give your audience in-depth answers

With the SEO approach, your content should be educational since searchers look for information to solve their frustration. It should cover all angles of the problem at hand and include direct and meaningful information.

A great way to decide the amount of content you should write on a topic is to Google multiple related variations of the keywords and analyze top-ranking contents for word count.

Nevertheless, the format must follow the goal of the post as well.

For example, a guide of how to use your SaaS product should introduce each step in detail and have a FAQ section below. Whereas a post about viable solutions should have general information about each option and establish your business as one of them, if not the best.

Readjust existing content

Repurposing or optimizing existing posts to fit your strategy can be a time-saving and easy alternative.

A SaaS company will, for instance, dedicate at least one web page to demonstrate how their software works. You can rewrite that content into a how-to guide that takes first-time users through each feature and what makes your product special.

Ideally, if that guide is also optimized to contain a bunch of related keywords, suddenly, you will be gaining tons of leads as well.

Take advantage of link building

Even the best content needs backlinks for Google to recognize it as reputative and trustworthy, so incorporating offsite marketing into your strategy is a good idea.

The purpose of backlinks is to boost your organic traffic, while also establishing that you are an authority in the industry.

Thus, you should consider carefully which page to build links from, and which brand or site to ask for backlinks. The more relevant the site, the more reliable you appear in the long run.

Reaching out to domains or brands for links can feel intimidating, especially if you are a brand new SaaS business. But it helps their domain just as much as yours, so you will be fine with a meticulous negotiation plan.

Getting SaaS SEO right takes time, effort, and investment, but it is well worth it
Getting SaaS SEO strategy right takes time, effort, and investment, but it is well worth it

Finally, to sum things up

Getting SaaS SEO Strategy right takes time, effort, and investment, but it is well worth it. Do your SEO correct, and your other acquisition efforts will also improve.

Thanks for reading!

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