How to Succeed in Local SEO and Google My Business

how to succeed in local seo and google my business

Mastering SEO and Google My Business is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses aiming to stay relevant in the digital age.

With over 90% of global search queries being made on Google, having an optimized Google My Business profile is your ticket to enhanced online visibility and engagement.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through proven strategies and insider tips to elevate your local online presence and dominate local search results. Don’t miss out on the untapped opportunities that SEO and Google My Business can offer.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, also known as a Google Business Profile, is a tool that provides a free online presence for local businesses by allowing them to publish their contact information, hours of operation, and images of their goods and services.

What is Google My Business?
What is Google My Business?
  • Your company’s chances of being discovered on Google’s many platforms (including Search, Maps, and more) will improve if you take the time to fill out a profile.
  • A physical location (like a restaurant) and in-person service provision are prerequisites for creating a profile.
  • All types of companies may benefit from using SEO and Google My Business. Gain an edge over the competition by controlling your online reputation and drawing in clients with Google’s search and mapping services.
  • You may react to customer reviews, update your company details (name, address, hours of operation, etc.), and upload images of your goods or services with a Google My Company account. In the long run, this will increase interest and exposure for your company.

Since SEO and Google My Business is free, there’s no excuse not to use it to its full potential in promoting your company. The sole requirement is that your company be physically located somewhere.

The Benefits of Google My Business for SEO

Today’s technology makes it quicker and simpler to market your product or service.

According to Search Engine Watch, half of the people who use their mobile devices for local searches end up visiting a store. Can you imagine the potential sales you might generate solely from organic search and Google My Business today when practically everyone uses a smartphone?

You should make the most of this feature to create, verify, and correctly optimize your SEO and Google My Business accounts since it is a priceless opportunity.

What else can you get from SEO Local Google My Business? Here are a few other advantages of Google My Business:

Google My Business enables you to show up in Maps and Google Local Pack Listings

  • When you search for locations on Google, have you ever noticed the prominent map and the list of company names that immediately display at the top of the page? There are two benefits to paying attention to it, which is known as the Google Local Pack.
  • Any Google user will notice the Google Local Pack as soon as they enter their search term since it occupies a significant portion of page one of Google search results. Users may quickly see the information they need thanks to it.
  • To stand out and make your services more accessible to clients in your area, SEO and Google My Business optimization is essential.

Google My Business enables customers to review your company.

When it comes to search engine results, one should never discount the significance of client reviews. So SEO and Google My Business play a very important role in making a good impression on your potential customers.

When making a purchase, many people read reviews first. Internet evaluations have the potential to sway as many as 93% of purchasers. If you optimize your business with SEO and Google My Business in the right way, your company’s ROAS will increase significantly.

The Benefits of Google My Business for SEO

Google My Business is easy to Set Up, Operate and it costs nothing.

No matter how useful a product is, its potential won’t be realized if it’s excessively expensive, unusable, and challenging to use. Fortunately, Google My Business is an exception to this rule.

  • Since this effective tool is free and simple to use, any company may use it to market their product or service. In a few hours, you can create and validate your profile. There are real instruments that may instantly verify you. You’re now set to dominate Google’s first page.
  • Additionally, you may use Google’s tools to monitor performance and discover new strategies to raise the ranking of your company.
  • Local companies may easily market their goods and services online thanks to Google My Business’s increased exposure and increased likelihood of appearing in search results. It might make it easier for prospective clients to locate and get in touch with you. You may use it as a free tool to enhance your internet profile, engage with your clients, and raise sales for your company.

Therefore, utilizing SEO and Google My Business to make it simple for your consumers to write good comments about your company is a requirement if you want your business to be prominent in the search results.

The benefits of Google My Business for SEO
The benefits of Google My Business for SEO

How to Set Up Your Google My Business Account for SEO Local

Here, we’ll go through the procedure for creating a Google My Business profile.

Enter your business name and category

  • Make sure to use the same company name when adding it across all platforms. To minimize misunderstandings, match it to your company website and social media usernames.
  • Choose a category that best describes your company, such as a tea shop, nail salon, or web design firm. These will decide the search terms for which you may rank.
  • Although you have the option of selecting up to nine categories, the major category will always be the first one.

Add Your Business Location and Service Area

Filling out your company address is the next step.

  • For businesses with a physical address, make sure the address is consistent across all platforms, such as on the website’s Contact page.
  • A service area business (SAB) is what your company will be if it doesn’t have a physical location. This kind of business will deliver the goods to clients rather than offer services or accept payments in person. SABs include, for instance, plumbing and cleaning services.
  • If so, be sure to identify your service areas specifically so that they may be found on the listing based on the city, postal code, or region.

Choose Relevant Categories

Select a primary category that adequately sums up your company. In the event that the category you need isn’t offered, choose a more general one that nonetheless adequately encapsulates your company. You are not allowed to create your own category.

Complete the Process

When you have finished all of the aforementioned stages, including the registration phase, click Finish. In certain situations when Google Maps has to be verified, you must provide the necessary information for Google to deliver the verification code.

How to Set Up Your Google My Business Account for SEO Local
Setting Up Your Google My Business Account for SEO Local

Best Practices for SEO and Google My Business

By now, it should be clear to you how crucial it is for your local company to have a Google My Business presence.

To rank better in local searches and appear in the local pack, you’ll need to take action beyond just establishing a profile for your business on Google My Business.

Therefore, what should you do to improve your SEO and Google My Business listings so that they appear higher in local search results or the local pack?

Keep Your Business information updated on Google My Business

Filling up your Google My Business profile with only the required information is not sufficient. Moreover, you need to guarantee that all the data is current and correct.

  • Because Google My Business listings are increasingly serving as a company’s online storefront, it’s critical to maintain them. Set a daily or weekly reminder, if you can, to keep your information up-to-date.
  • Ensure that all of the information on your ad is correct. This is the most crucial thing you can do. Although it might seem obvious, there are a lot of companies out there that have inaccurate information.
  • Adding your holiday hours when necessary is another way to keep your profile current and correct. This might be crucial, particularly if your company listing indicates that you’re open on Sundays, but when potential clients arrive, they discover that you’re closed. This not only results in a loss of sales but also damages the reputation of your company.

Monitor Website Visits

If you are familiar with this data, you will be able to determine how to enhance local SEO and Google My Business to design more effective marketing campaigns.

Keyword Optimization for SEO and Google My Business

The search volume is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account; the greater it is, the more potential impressions your listing may receive. A keyword’s potential for generating traffic may be found using tools for keyword research like Semrush or Ahrefs. So one of the most essential things you have to do when using My Google Business is to follow the keywords and optimize them with SEO standards.

optimizing google my business for seo
Optimizing Google My Business for SEO


Having an SEO and Google My Business page is essential to enhancing your company’s exposure on search engines as more consumers find businesses online. It makes it simpler for customers to discover your items, contact information, and shop location.

  • Be as precise as you can about your company’s activities while creating your account. Additionally, make sure you aren’t breaking any Google policies to prevent problems like account suspension.
  • Along with opening an account, it’s critical to make the most of the tools offered and adhere to certain Google My Business SEO advice. Your chances of showing up at the top of Google Search results and in the Google 3-Pack are increased by doing this.
  • Having said that, creating a Google Business Profile is just one step in the process of improving your local SEO. In addition to a GMB listing, it’s essential to focus on enhancing both your on-page and off-page SEO. This involves ensuring your website is well-optimized and creating valuable content.

Don’t leave your online visibility and customer engagement to chance. Seize the opportunity to supercharge your local SEO strategy. Tech-One specializes in optimizing Google My Business profiles along with comprehensive SEO service tailored to your needs. Reach out to us today to ensure you’re not just on the map, but standing out on it

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO and Google My Business

Where is Business Information Displayed on Google My Business?

Three places will be highlighted when clients searches for the company:

  • On the Google search page’s right side.
  • When people search for relevant terms, they appear in the geographical search results area.
  • Instantly discernible on Google Maps.

Can One Google Account Have Multiple Google My Business Accounts?

Multiple Google My Business accounts can be created. For a variety of business websites, you simply need one Google My Business account. You must include the precise address, opening times, phone number, and any necessary supporting images each time you add a new address.

Instead of individual address verification, you can use bulk verification if you have more than 10 locations.

How Important Are Customer Reviews?

Your online reviews can be found on your Google My Business profile. These have two major positive effects on your company.

  • First, they increase the appeal of your company because customers are drawn to establishments with higher or better evaluations.
  • Second, Google’s local SEO algorithm takes reviews into account.
  • Your clients will be more than happy to comply with your request when you concentrate on providing the highest quality goods or services. Simply ask them for a review, and they’ll be happy to provide you with some praise. That will have a big impact on your business’ reputation.

In general, including SEO and Google My Business in your internet marketing strategy will either help you save money or obtain better results from your existing marketing efforts.

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