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Tips to Generate More Leads with SEO

SEO focuses on generating organic traffic to your site. Whereas Lead Generation is all about capturing people’s interest with what you have to offer to get hold of sales.

In spite of distinctive goals, SEO can enhance Lead Gen efforts with SERP visibility. According to a recent survey, nearly 57% of B2B marketers believe SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.

Wondering if your business really knows how to generate leads with SEO? Or simply need to learn how to do it? Keep reading for more information!

Why You Should Use SEO for Lead Gen

It’s simple logic.

In the age of digitalization, it’s probably undeniable that you are most likely to start a purchase by researching the options on search engines. And 75% of people never scroll past the first page.

So the more your business appears on top searches, the bigger chance you get to be remembered and to convert site visitors into buyers.

Besides, are you really gonna put so much effort into attracting all those searchers for nothing?

Follow these tips to ensure your CTR skyrockets.

How to Use SEO for Lead Gen

Define your target customer

Before jumping right into planning your SEO strategy, having a crystal clear customer persona is crucial.

You need to know who you are selling your products and services to, what kind of solution they are looking for and which factors will win their trust.

With that solid knowledge, tailoring content to their wants and demands wouldn’t be such a convoluted process. Thus, you are ensuring your business appears as much as possible to your ideal lead with the right content at the right time.

‘Search funnel’ should be implemented correctly

SEO for Lead Gen
Search funnel should be implemented correctly

The search funnel is a visual representation of the steps in customers’ behavioral shifts, with the final goal being conversion. The closer a customer is to your business, the lower they are down the funnel.

Knowing clearly the right way to drive visitors to different sections of the website, and which section belongs to which stage of the funnel can guarantee your success.

What you need to do is map out every URL one by one. Go through every page, analyze how it relates to the topic and what the next stage in the funnel is. Repeat for every page until the whole funnel is covered.

This helps you maximize its effect.

Proper interlinking of articles is vital

Interlinking is when you link other articles related to the current one at the bottom, so the readers gain easy access to learning more about the topic, still from your site.

This technique gets people to stay on your site longer and read more of your content. The benefits go on and on.

  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Higher average session duration per visitor
  • Increased keyword rankings
  • Google can crawl your site better

All of which can lead to better Lead Gen as more interactions are happening between the site and the visitors, pushing them further down the funnel.

A content audit can be helpful

Not only is new content important, but existing articles may influence the effectiveness of your Lead Gen. Conducting an audit for them will help you assess their strengths and weaknesses.

You get to find out what content is performing the best, driving conversion even, and which posts are collecting dust or outdated.

The results that come out of this can be used to redirect your SEO efforts in order to further refine your business personality and connect with your audience in a way that generates revenue.

Learn from your competitors

The old saying goes, “Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.” So why not implement a tactic that has been proven to work since the beginning of time?

With the right SEO competitor analysis template or tool, you can spy on the rivals to find out what’s ranking and what you need to outdo them.

For example, if you use Google Alerts, you get reports sent straight to your email and know everything about your competitor’s link-building efforts. It’s also a free tool!

Google Alerts helps you know everything about your competitors
Google Alerts helps you know everything about your competitors

Explore multiple content formats

Using different formats can help satisfy user search intent at each stage of the funnel. It’s also never too much to spice things up a bit, people love surprises that separate your content from other businesses’.

There are a lot of things you can explore to make your content pieces more engaging and reach a larger range of audiences. Here are some examples:

  • Checklists
  • Downloadable PDF guides
  • Video versions of the article
  • Infographics

Employ backlinking

Backlinking, or link building, refers to the process of getting other websites to include a link to your site. This helps drive more traffic to your site and boost your rankings.

Of course, not all links are worth the same amount. Sites with high traffic volume will give you more visitors than freshly developed ones.

However, it’s nearly impossible to get links from the best sites right away, if your site itself hasn’t built up a fair amount of reputation. Instead of that, the most reasonable practice is to try working with those that have higher domain authority first and go from there.

Google My Business

The simplest first step in increasing your online visibility is to claim your Google My Business profile.
The simplest first step in increasing your online visibility is to claim your Google My Business profile.

Google My Business is a dedicated listing of your company in search results.

You can provide information like location, products, services, and attach photos of your business and you earn visibility from all Google services like Google Map or Google Shopping.

Furthermore, if you build up positive reviews on there, this likely gets more people to click on your site and make your business more trustworthy. They might even turn into leads as well.

The only downside of Google My Business is your business has to have physical contact with your customers. This means only a brick and mortar store, or a service that requires meeting up can create a profile there.


Developing an SEO campaign focusing on Lead Generation purposes will ensure that your ongoing marketing efforts have a good chance in an oversaturated market.

Thanks for reading! If you think this article is helpful, don’t forget to read other posts as well!

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