What SEO companies do

What SEO companies do to (not) help you

In the growth of the internet industry, your business would keep hearing that you need an SEO company, but there are a large number of agencies did not tell you apparently what they actually do for you to achieve better ranking. 

In this article, Tech-One will show you what SEO companies do to help and not to help your business.

What SEO companies do to (not) help you

What SEO companies do to (not) help you

What SEO companies do to help your business

The creation of content

Content creation plays an essential role in a website. If your business generates high-quality content, other people may find it interesting and convincing and tend to click into your website for further details.

Keyword research

The process of identifying and determining the ideal search queries to target for your company is known as keyword research. 

This may seem to be a simple task, however, having effective keyword research requires a significant amount of effort.

Your website’s foundation is constructed on keywords, so you’ll need to re-evaluate and maintain the building blocks you’re using on a frequent basis. 

The search language changes on a regular basis, new keywords arise on a regular basis, and your audience’s needs vary over time. 

As a consequence, anytime you’re seeking to generate new website content, keyword research is a job worth performing

This includes when you consider to establish a new website, create a new blog post for an existing site, choose whether to or not to advertise a certain product or service, and more. 

It’s also useful if you’re reorganizing and consolidating your current website’s content.

Building link

In Google’s view, your website’s backlink profile accounts for a significant part of its reputation. 

In other words, the more high-quality links pointing to your website from high-authority websites, the more likely Google and other search engines will suggest your pages to their visitors.

Those 3 mentioned factors are exactly what SEO companies do to help you.  

Beyond that, SEO companies also shine in implementing local SEO tactics, leveraging their expertise to refine strategies that effectively connect businesses with their local audiences by optimizing online visibility within specific geographic regions.

Nevertheless, SEO does have several elements that they are not capable of doing, Tech-One will explain to you clearly in the next section.

What SEO company do to not help your business

Your business serves a midsize or small market

If your business serves a small market, what SEO companies do will not work effectively due to the lack of the sufficient volume of keywords for your targeted market. 

Since then, it will not generate ROI for your business.

Too small budget for SEO

If your business is considering hiring a professional SEO agency, the re-preparation of budget is really important. 

This is considered to be a very first and important step in SEO service’s basic requirements. 

What SEO companies do would normally charge you a few hundred dollars to create high-quality marketing content, to scour the territory for link-building possibilities, create new strategies, and a variety of other tasks. 

Depending on the current stage of your search visibility and how large your competition

Your website is terribly a disaster for SEO

For SEO’s success, Google crawlers must be able to identify and correctly assess the relevance and authority of your website content. 

If your website makes it difficult for Google to accomplish this, it will be unable to determine how match your content with the searches for your target keywords or search ranking. 

Your website is terribly a disaster for SEO

Your website is terribly a disaster for SEO


At Tech-One – a Vietnam SEO company, you can speak directly with the SEO experts for receiving evaluations and resolving any questions or problems. 

You can contact us via our website to see precisely in detail what SEO companies do for you!

Or, if you want to accelerate your business growth with innovative and result-driven marketing tactics, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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