B2B Marketing – Why do Most B2B Vietnamese Industrial Companies Need help from B2B Agencies?

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A lot of B2B Vietnam Industrial and Manufacturing companies have a common problem, they find it difficult to hire the right people to perform all the marketing tasks to generate high quality Leads for the company.

It’s not from a lack of trying!

It’s not that there’s none!

Most companies have tried 2-5 separate times to build these teams, only for it to fall apart within 12 months. 

Is this you? Then you are not alone.

B2B Marketing

B2B MarketingMarketing

Why is it so hard to build a good B2B Marketing Agency?

Successful marketing and marketing team building is tricky. 

Mainly because there’s too much contradicting and conflicting advice in the B2B community and it’s hard to know what’s true between all the noise.

Briefly, the main reasons it’s so difficult to build a good marketing team in-house:

  • Most large B2B companies live outside the bigger cities where the talent is concentrated.
  • Constant improvement and upskilling of all staff is required.
  • Some companies don’t want to invest in the training of staff as there’s a tendency for staff to quickly quit for more money.
  • Brilliant marketers have the skills to go solo and make 3x-20x they can make with a standard company.
  • Marketers like to over promise and under deliver results leading to a high churn rate of Sales and Marketing Managers within Industrial and Manufacturing companies.

But it’s not all bad news. 

This is where great a Sales & Marketing agency can help you.

However, Why is so difficult to hire an outside agency in Vietnam for the B2B Industrial and Manufacturing industries?

  • Digital Marketers demographics skew younger and it require Business Acumen to deal with B2B Industrial business.
  • It’s easier to make ‘quick’ money in the city because you can acquire clients quicker with face-to-face meetings and then ‘burn’ them.
  • Agencies tend to hide behind certain fake metrics what look good on the surface but don’t actually produce sales and revenue.
  • B2B Industrial businesses need an agency that connects all activities to sales. Agencies usually do Lead Generation and stop at that.

So, it’s common for high-level marketing professionals recruiting an outside marketing firm to feel stressed and cautious.

Also, there’s additional challenges to getting a new Marketing Strategy off the ground. 

This is usually bring in the CFO and sometimes the CEO to sign off on this project.  

Not to mention the bumpy transfer of details and process between the staff and the agency, finding out who does what.

But how do you know how or when an agency must be called in? Luckily, some revealing signs point to when exactly this should happen.

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When you should hire a B2B Agency?

#1 To Increase Sales and Revenue

Hiring a digital marketing agency seems like an expenditure, but that’s not correct. 

You get all the following people as you hire a B2B marketing firm: graphic designers, content manager, advertising strategists, web developers, analytics experts, seo specialist, plus an account manager. 

If you were to personally recruit all of these people for these positions, the cost would be much greater than the investment of hiring a b2b integrated marketing agency.

When done correctly you save more money in the long-term and make more money in the medium term.

#2 Lack Of Specific Knowledge and Skilled Experience

In B2B Business Marketing, there’s no room for mistakes.

A B2C technique that is commonly used for B2B is bringing your customer down the funnel with marketing materials. 

This doesn’t work as contract are usually much larger and require a salesperson to take over the communication. 

In fact, 90% of B2B customers do not go down a linear sales funnel path, so it’s much more complicated than the marketing team might think at first.

A great B2B agency must constantly be aware of this and support the sales team at all time.

#3 To Execute Effective Sales Cycle Campaign

Many in-house B2B marketing teams have relied on only essential but affordable requirements. 

You have a SEO specialist who also helps as a social media executive. 

This behavior is normal, but also a problem when you’re trying to really make a difference to your Revenue.

This is where a B2B Business marketing agency takes all the responsibility from the B2B Industrial companies.

And if you find a good full-service B2B marketing agency for your business, everything. 

From the Tracking, Campaign set-up, Email marketing, and Marketing strategies will be taken care of. At Tech-One – SEO agency Ho Chi Minh, we will help you on all of these.

#4 Continue to Build your In-House Team

The B2B integrated marketing agency with your company will continue to adjust and become more efficient with tasks and work.

Partnering with the B2B agency will help your in-house grow and upskill, providing them with the necessary motivation to improve and stay with your company longer.  

Great talent wants to learn and do great things. 

If there’s no environment for them to do it then they will leave and cost you more money in rehiring and on-boarding. 

I’ve personally seen very mediocre marketing departments completely change within a month from when we start working with them. 

Most marketers are hungry to learn. By bringing on a B2B Integrated marketing agency this usually motivates them to greater things.

To find out more about what opportunities you have with a specialist B2B agency,

Contact Us Now.

Or, if you want to accelerate your business growth with innovative and result-driven marketing tactics, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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    Hi, I'm Colin! I'm passionate about helping your business grow. So are you ready for your success?


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