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SEO Agency Vietnam: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The main aim of SEO Agency Vietnam is to help clients build their businesses in Vietnam.

Agencies aim to provide high-quality digital marketing services to customers based on a thorough knowledge of the local market, consumer habits, and a thriving portfolio of resources.

In order to make a business succeed in the long run, not only in the short-term period, an SEO agency has to take responsibility for utilizing digital marketing to assist the business in achieving long-term development.

Overview of SEO Agency Vietnam

In terms of firms based in Vietnam, there are numerous opportunities to increase organic traffic from search engines.

In the case of Google Maps, in spite of the fact that this application is considered to be prominent in Ho Chi Minh City SERPs, most businesses are unaware of how to optimize them effectively and efficiently.

Indeed, if a website is optimized for Google, it might be capable of driving from 2 to 5 times more organic traffic for the business.

Tech-One specializes in accelerating business growth via site design optimization and high conversion rate SEO content.

Overview of SEO Agency Vietnam


Overview of SEO Agency Vietnam

The good of using SEO Agency Vietnam

Offering business solutions for search engine optimization.

  • Rising opportunities for higher rankings on the search engine results page.
  • Finding the appropriate keywords to attract more ideal/potential customers.
  • Choosing an appropriate design and content to keep potential customers on the website for a longer period of time.

Quality improvement for website traffic

Identifying keywords and phrases that precisely align with businesses’ products or services offered, so as to increase the chances of conversions.

Providing measurable results

Since SEO can be easily tracked and assessed at every stage of a company’s strategy, a monthly analytics report provided by an SEO firm is necessary.

Thus, businesses can better understand how SEO services add more value to them.

What are the Services of SEO Agency Vietnam

Site Analysis & Business Evaluation

Looking over both the website’s structure and its content to assess criteria, including the site’s code and keyword density.

Before creating and executing a new SEO strategy, this is the greatest method to identify your business’s existing strengths and shortcomings.

Before creating an SEO plan, analyzing a website is important.

This helps the SEO agency to determine target audiences and your business objectives.

Since then, they can easily decide which tactics to use to improve your website’s SEO.

Creating an SEO strategy and setting goals

Developing a customized plan for the site by identifying the right phrases and keywords that your target audience mostly uses.

Moreover, this plan will also cover several strategies and tactics that may help you rank better on search engines than your competitors.

Installation of SEO Tools

Before starting to execute business campaigns, SEO agency Vietnam, such as Tech-One, will consider and determine which tools, dashboards, and other systems such as analytics programs that businesses will need to implement and keep track of SEO campaigns successfully.

Optimization Execution

For SEO service, it typically starts with on-page optimization including:

  • Cleaning up some of the code on your website’s backend
  • Ensure the site is mobile-friendly.
  • Easy to navigate.

For off-page SEO strategies, you may not have direct control over off-page factors such as increasing authority or building links.

However, your SEO company will provide some suggestions for ways to improve off-page tactics.

Plus, they may even deliver a detailed plan for how you can start to improve your site’s authority.

When it comes to SEO tactics, businesses may not have direct control over off-page variables such as increasing authority or generating links.

The SEO agency Vietnam, on the other hand, will provide recommendations for methods to enhance off-page strategies.

Furthermore, you may get a comprehensive strategy on how to start improving your site’s authority.

The SEO agency Vietnam


The SEO agency Vietnam

The bad/the ugly of SEO Agency Vietnam

Lack of overall control

SEO service providers take charge of managing the analytics programs, website, SEO strategies, design and content creation and so on.

Thus, the business does not have full control. In addition, the alterations from SEO professionals may make your website’s SEO look friendly, however, those changes may not suit your taste.

Time consuming 

Working with SEO agencies does take time, which means your business must be involved with the agency into the whole SEO process for a longer range of time since you expect the final results.

SEO work-in-house team of marketing department

Assuming your business has an in-house marketing team, you will have a wide portfolio of resources that you can trust to work on the SEO tasks.

In practical, even though hiring more additional employees to take responsibility for the SEO process would be expensive, no one can deeply understand your business’ demands more than your in-house team.


SEO service has its good and bad, but still, SEO agencies can figure out your problems and come up with solutions for further development of businesses.

If you are a beginner and still struggling to find a trustworthy and professional SEO partner, Tech-one will be the best choice.

For more details, don’t hesitate to visit our website and get in touch with us right now.

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